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It’s quite rare to perceive the term ‘Hope’ in the downstream or in the suburbs, rather in the villages, far away from the pseudo laughter and mechanical life, as well as selfish commitment.

The location is about 90 minutes drive from Kolkata, Komdhara is a rural habitation near the Ghiya river, branching off the river Saraswati, a tributary of the river Hooghly. On the other side of the Ghiya lies Sinhal Patan, was once the capital of the King Singha Bahu of the historical Rarh region of India that now comprises West Bengal and a part of Jharkhand. Sinhal Patan of the Singha Bahu royalty was where Prince Vijaya Singha, the son of the King was born. He was the first royal colonist of present day Sri Lanka and the legendary founder of the Sinhala people. It is said that Vijaya took agricultural technologies with him and encouraged its spread in the lands where he made his kingdom in present  day Sri Lanka.

In Komdhara, there are around 2300 in habitants among them300 children with 2 schools. It is basically an agro based area and the majority of them are from labour class people, who survive by their agriculture, fishery, and small scale industries likeChikankari; Ghuni; Kam Bed; Fishery; Baul; Kirtaniya; Tarja Gayak; Kobiyal; Fishing net; Dyeing of net; Biri,; Sital Pati; Sweet; Dairy; Dholok; Moslin; Boutique; Hand Embroidery; Jute Rope etc. 

Here, one can feel the positive vibration with the Midas touch of Humanity, this very village – Komdhara is an ideal place that can harmonized with the dream of Bangla Biennale – a mission, rather a spontaneous movement, with our earnest humanitarian urge to build international integration and peaceful atmosphere for the future generation through Art & Culture.