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Born in 1968, Komdhara, Hooghly, West Bengal, INDIA, Bibek studied in Kolkata College, 1983 and at Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan, 1992. He pursued his education at Art Center, L'Atelier, Paris, France, 1997


Nandalal Bose, Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India (1988-89), All India Village Painting, New Delhi, India (1985)


“Mother and Child”, Govedarou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece(2018), “Public Dream”, O+O Galleria, Valencia, Spain (2018), “Autograph”, Art 9 Gallerie, Budapest, Hungary (2018), "Beyond Narrative Space", Galerie Tentacion, Bienne, Switzerland (2016), “Indian Dreams”, O+O Galleria, Valencia, Spain (2015), “When India Meets Greece”, Govedarou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (2015), Coach par le corps Galerie, Bienne, Switzerland (2015), "Secret Land", Hungarian Cultural Center, Budapest by Erlin Gallery, Hungary (2013), "Hidden Aspects", Vaszary Villa, Balatone Lake, Hungary (2011), "Retrospective" Drawing  for 20 yrs., The Faraway Tree Gallery, Chennai, India (2011), Erlin Gallery NLTD ,Budapest, Hungary (2010), Galerie des Emibois, Switzerland (2010), Galerie 88, Kolkata, India (2006-07), Le Tabl'Art Galerie, Le Locle Switzerland (2006), Artworld, Chennai, India (2006), Le chateau Foundation Switzerland (2004), Galerie Le Cazard, Switzerland (2003), Vast Centre, Auroville, India (2002), Gallerie Dauphin, Singapore (2001), Gallery Sabun Cabane, Singapore (2001), Gallery Love Joy's, USA (2001), Gallery Mission Item, Switzerland (2000), L.Y. Ausbild Yenissehul, Switzerland (2000), Galerie Le Cercle, Switzerland (2000), Verite, Auroville, India (2000), French Alliance, Pondicherry, India (1999), French Alliance, Bangalore, India (1997), French Alliance, Pondicherry, India (1997), C.I.C. Bharat Nivas, Auroville, India (1997), Gallerie Les Cadrans Solaires, Paris, France (1997), Open Air Calcutta Book Fair, Kolkata, India (1991), Rural Museum, Howrah, West-Bengal, India (1989)



Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, India (2018-19), Bodhgaya Biennale, India (2016), Frankfurt Biennale. Germany (2015), Mini Biennale, Venice, Italy (2014)

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GROUP EXHIBITION (Selected & Invited):
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PCW(Post contemporary Wave),  Global Art awareness (15 Countries, 42 Curators, 40 Exhibitions ) on same day-15.4.2018 by Narrative Movements (2018), Netherlands, PCW, Gallery Kunst Ann De Kade, 1st September to 17th November (2017), France(2017), GisorsInternational Art Festival, GRAND BAZ'ART (2017), International Art Awareness PCW(Post contemporary Wave)by Narrativemovements  in Nigde-TURKEY , Howrah, WB, Behala,Kolkata,  Baroda,Gujrat,  Pondicherry,  Mumbai,  Guskara,WB,  Pune, Maharashtra, Kancharapara, WB, Shantiniketan, WB, Kidderpore,Kolkata, Tripura,North East India, Chandigarh,Punjab (2017), International Art Awareness Festival by NarrativeMovements PCW(Post contemporary Wave), Pondicherry,India (2017), International Art Awareness festival by Erlin Gallery  PCW(Post contemporary Wave) Budapest,Hungary (2016), International Art Awareness Festival by NarrativeMovements  PCW(Post contemporary Wave)Turkey (2016), International Art Awareness Festival by NarrativeMovements PCW(Post Contemporary Wave)Singur,India (2016), International Art Awareness NarrativeMovements PCW(Post Contemporary Wave)Polba,India (2016), International Artist Residency in Rajasthan by NarrativeMovements & Chittrasalla,India (2016), International  Art Awareness Festival by NarrativeMovements PCW(Post Contemporary Wave), Komdhara,India (2016), International Artist Residency in Delhi by Narrative Movements and JüSTa Hotel (2015), Art Workshop, Govedarou Art Gallery, Greece (2015), Moscow Art Fair, Russia (2015), Aroma Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey (2015), Thessaloniki Art Fair, Greece (2015), Jakarta Art Fair, Indonesia (2014), Plein Art Contemporary Art Festival Budapest, Hungary (2010), Borobudur Auction Fair, Singapore (2009), Art Basale, Switzerland (2007), Art Trade Fair, New York, U.S.A (2006), Brighton Art Fair, London,UK (2002)

Narrative Movements ( International Artists Residency), Suri,WB,India (2017), Nahargarh Lake Place, Rajasthan,India (2017), Paris,France (2017), Nahargarh Lake Palace,Rajasthan,India (2016), Tramelan,Switzerland (2016), Delhi,India (2015), Govedaru,Thessaloniki,Greece (2015), Budapest, Hungary (2015), Moscow, Russia (2015), Istanbul, Turkey (2015), Thessaloniki, Greece (2015), Jakarta, Indonesia (2014), Switzerland (2007), Switzerland (2001), Singapore (2000),  South of France (1997), Paris (1996)



Land Art, Singur,Hooghly,WB,India (2018), Land Art, Auroville, Tamilnadu, India (2018), International Land Art Residency,Pondichérry,India (2017), Land Art Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary by Erlin Gallery(2017), International Land Art Residency, Komdhara, WB, India (2017), Auroville, Tamilnadu, India (2017), International Land Art Residency( Laboratorie-Labradoritorium), Beinne, Switzerland (2016), Ooty, Tamilnadu, India (2009), Pondicherry, India (2007), Sundarban, WB, India (2006), Chatoday, Switzerland (2001), Nice, South of France, France (1997)

Public Art Project (India And Abroad) (2017), Unconventional Art Awareness Project (India And Abroad) by NarrativeMovements (2017), Unconventional Art Awareness Project ( India And Abroad) by NarrativeMovements (2016), Alternative Art project, Old wood Transfer to Installation (India, Singapore, Switzerland, USA) (2008-06), Village Action Project, Auroville (2005-1998), Tata Hi-tech Office, Mangalore (2002), Windmill Project, Auroville (2001), Fire Woods, Switzerland (2001), Galerie 88-Rest & Line, Paris (1997), Indian Music on View, Pondicherry (1995), Mixed Mural, Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal (1993), Nude and Drawing, Royal College of Arts, London (1992), Calcutta Book Fair, Kolkata (1990)

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