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Concept & Ethics of BANGLA BIENNALE

Cultural Aspect:

  1. Showcasing World Contemporary Art in Bengal. 

  2. Bringing Bengal art practice in global scenario.

  3. International cultural exchange

  4. Promote National & Rural artist, Artisans, Students, Child artists in International Platform.

  5. Encouragement of Eco friendly Art Practice.

  6. Developing Art Consciousness within local villagers through participation. 

 Social Aspect:

  1. Opening a financial gateway for villagers though working participations in this event.

  2. Mission for plastic free village

Women Empowerment: 

  1. Teach Art & Craft skill (Bangla Biennale will be showcasing their handmade products)

  2. Increase income and savings

  3. Support independence and mobility

  4. Teach women to read and write

  5. Build self esteem and confidence (decision making power)

  6. Impact on health and hygiene 

Child Development:

  1. Cognitive development

  2. Cultural development

  3. Art and Craft