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Residency – International Artists

Born in 1981

Education & Membership:

2000 - MFA, Setgemj Design University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2005 - Institute of Fine Art Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2006 -  Member of Union of Mongolian Artists, 2007 - Board Member & Artist, New Century Art Association

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 - Motherland, UMA Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2014 - Mongolia, Pearl Art Gallery Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2011 - Roots, Red Mill Gallery, Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, Vermont, USA, 2008 - Color & Melody, UMA Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2006 - My Universe, Xanadu Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Group Exhibitions:

2019 - Bangla Biennale - 2019, Komdhara, India, 2018 - Echigo Tsumari Triennial 2018, Tokamachi, Japan, 2018 - Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project Symposium, Taiwan, 2018 - Ulaanbaatar Art Festival, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2017 - Beijing Biennale - 2017, Beijing, China, 2017 -  Cheongju Biennale – 2017, Cheongju, Korea, 2017, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale-2017, Gongju, Korea, 2017      Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week, UB Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2017 -Art and Satisfaction in Mentality, Contemporary Art Center, Mongolia, 2016 - Land Art - 360 Biennale 2016, Dariganga Province, Mongolia, 2016 - Nord Art-2015, Büdelsdorf in Germany, 2014-17 - Best Work of the Year, UMA Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2013-15 - Khukh Dorno, Huh Hot, Inner Mongolia, China, 2012 - Urban Narratives: New Contemporary Mongolian Art, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012 - Cultural Days of Mongolia Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2012 - Sand Tsunami, for the World Day to Combat Desertification, Ulaanbaatar, 2012 - Art Camp with Blue Sun contemporary art center, Ulziit, Mongolia, 2011 - Asia and Rise, Sori Art Center, Seoul, Korea, 2010 - Busan Biennale-2010, Busan Beach, Busan, Korea, 2009-11- Best Work of the Year, Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2008 - Exhibition of Mongolian Artists, Som Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA


2018 - Taitung Art Museum, Taitung, Taiwan (1 month), 2014-18 - Gangwon Environmental Installation Art, Seoul in Korea (2 weeks), 2017 - Narrative Movements, Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal, India (2 weeks), 2017 - Land Art Mongolia international residency, Murun, Mongolia (2 weeks), 2016 – Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project by Kuan Shu Education Foundation Taiwan, (1 month), 2015 - Nord Art-2015, International symposium, Büdelsdorf, Germany (2 weeks), 2014 - Art Omi, international Artists residency by Frances Greenburge Fellowship New York City, USA (1 month), 2011 - Vermont Studio Center Johnson, Vermont, USA (2 months), 2010 - Open To You, Open Apace Bae, Busan, Korea (2 months), 2010 - Jara Island International Baggat Art 2010, Gapyeong Seoul, Korea (2 weeks), 2009 - Time & Space, Nomadic Art Residency, Umnugobi, Mongolia (2 weeks)

Awards & Grants:

2018 - Austronesian International Arts Award Honor Award, Taitung Art Museum, Taiwan, 2016 - Grant by Kuan Shu Education Foundation for Environmental Art Project, Taiwan, 2011 - Winner of Rubin Fellowships for Himalayan Artists, sponsored by the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, New York, USA, 2011 - Third Place in the Brothers Blue Stain Art Project, Korea & Mongolia, 2008 - Third Place in the Tiger Translate Painting Contest, Mongolia

Antoine Beguelin (Switzerland) – “I am an analogue photographer. I like analogue photography because you have to think before taking the picture and you never know if your photos are developed or not. Every time it seems pictures after having them develop it's like a gift for me. Photography is a good way to express myself, my vision of the world that attracts my eye the beautiful and bad things sometimes. I really like to play with the shadow of the architecture all by putting subjects often alone in empty space.”

Born in Luxsor 1968 Hungarian university of arts – Budapest – Hungary 2011/2012. (KIT) Kyoto institute of technology – Kyoto – Japan 2008 / 2009. One year in the Academy of fine Arts - Florence - Italy 2004. The international school Specialist ion in Printmaking (IL Bisonte) Florence - Italy 2004.The international school Specialization in Printmaking (IL Bisonte) Florence - Italy 2000.Crosse and workshop in the international school of Graphic Arts Venezia - Italy 1999. Master in the Graphic Arts the faculty of fine Arts - Helwan University 1998 Bachelor of the faculty of fine Arts - Minia University 1993. Member of Syndicate of Plastic Artists.


2013 - Solo show in the Gezira Arts Center, Cairo,Egypt. 2012 - Solo show in the Torre Upezzinghi,Calcinaia, Pisa - Italy. 2010 - Solo show in the faculty of fine Arts - Minia University. 2009 – Soloshow in the faculty of fine Arts - Minia University. 2006 - Solo show in the Inter-art Gallery Aiud, Romania 2003 - Soloshow in the RemenyikSandor Gallery, CuljNapoca - Romania. 2002 – Soloshow in the Inter-art Gallery Aiud, Romania

Residents Symposiums and workshop

Sharjah International Book Fair, Kids workshop. 3 European artists Conference, Essen, Germany. 201422 European artists symposium, Essen, Germany. 2014 -Minia University museum international workshop, Minya University. 2012 - 10 national resident artists in Siwa, Egypt . 2012 - Conference in the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, Sharjah, Emirates. 2010 - The coordinator of Presentation to American artist Leslie Koptcho - Minia University. 2010 - The coordinator of the national women workshop for printmaking - Minia University. 2010 - The coordinator of Presentation to Japanese artist Kyoko Ibe - Assiut University. 2010 - The coordinator of papermaking workshop artist Kyoko Ibe - Assiut University.


2010 Selected Prize from International Biennial Print and Drawing, R.O.C - Taiwan. 2009 Honor prize of International Triennial of Graphic Arts - Bitola - Macedonian.Selected Prize from International Biennial Print and Drawing, R.O.C - Taiwan. Second Prize from the 1st International Biennial of Small Graphics Aiud, Romania . 2006 Honor Prize from the 5th International Egyptian prints Triennial - Cairo – Egypt. 2004 grant form Italian foreigner affairs One year in the Academy of fine Arts - Florence – Italy. Certificate of 5 International Exhibition for min-prints Chemailiere – France.2000 Distinction prize from International Art biennial (Majdanek) Lublin – Poland. Selected Prize from 12th International Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Freshen – Germany. Winners & nominated group in the International Salon Carbunar – Romania.Certificate of Merit from 4th Kochi International Triennial of prints, Japan. ROME PRIZE, One year at the Egyptian Academy in Rome,Italy. 1997 Medal of the 2nd International Egyptian prints Triennial - Cairo - Egypt.

Dominique Kerkhove, aka Dom (K) is an artist, European citizen, tireless walker and patient observer; he searches on the walls of cities what makes my raw material: the poster. Ecological Realistic, he uses what already exists to transform it. He creates "MadeReady" (or collages) from torn posters. He breathes a new destiny into an ephemeral urban creation to make a contemporary work that fits in time. Freed from the straitjacket of a specific doctrine, he recognizes, however, a technical proximity used by some artists: exploitation of sub-posters (Dufresnes), everywhere (Pollock), take-off (Vostell). The MadeReady is not a collage style but an approach that expresses itself through a plurality of pictorial forms including central element is the paper (poster) issued (torn) from an urban context. Despite various attempts at hierarchical classification, his work is by no means allegorical. It is concrete and materialistic. It is a narrative work of incarnation.

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 - Dom (K) RESIDENCE Bangla Biennale 2019 Komdhara, India, 2017 - Hey You 75001 Paris, France, 2016 - Artistic Alya Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016 - There is a doctor in the bar - Florentin Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016 -Hanging - Ground Control - Paris, France, 2015 - Live life! A Côté - Paris 11, France, 2015 - Hanging –TEDxDunkerque, 2015 - Dunkirk, France, 2015 Do You Know Dom (K) Dunkirk, France

Collective Exhibitions:

2019 - Exhibition "Polaroid Artistic" Nevers, France, 2019 - Exhibition "Polaroid Artistic" Clermont Ferrand, France, 2019 - White City Night - Tel Aviv, Israel, 2017 - Narrative Movements Pondicherry, India

Permanent Collections:

2018 Links Hotel Tel Aviv, France, 2018 Federson Gallery 57 rue de Turenne - 75003 Paris, France

Residential Homes:

2019 - Bangla Biennale Komdhara, India, 2017 - Hey You 80210 Ercourt, France, 2016 - Urban Secret Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016 - No sense - Dune Hotel - Pondicherry, India

Born in Albania,Steinbauergasse, 31, 1120, Vienna


2011 – 2012 Cultural Management, Institute for Culture Concepts, Vienna, 2006 - Art & new tecnology, TransISTor1, CIANT,  focuses on the emerging, specifically computer, related technologies. Karlovy Vary, CZ, 2006 - Art & new tecnology,TransISTor2, CIANT, focuses on the including cinema, TV, educational applications and cross-media productions.  Prague, CZ, 1988 - “Installation” with Anne Poirier S. Academy of Modern Arts, Salzburg, Austria, 1998 - “Visual poetry” with KonradShaufelen, S.A. Modern Arts, Salzburg, Austria, 1992-1996 (Visual Arts) A. Beauty Arts, Tirana, 1996 - “Open Book”, Master in arts, 1989 -1992 - Courses of Linguistic and Literature, University of Tirana, 1985 -1989 - Art lyceum (graphic) Tirana

Personal exhibitions

2016 - “Vine drops on the field” Art residency program, Cultural Center, Khoni, Georgia, 2015 - “The lovers” “Promart“ Art-reisidence, Petion Ville, Haiti, 2014      - “Don’t be afraid they like music” Arkade Gallery, Reduta-Art center, Brasov, Romania, 2011 - “Soft identities” Werfen Gallery, Salzburg, Austria, 2006 - Kunstmesse “Maria Religion Teacher…”S.Martin, Shpanberg, Austria, 2006 - “Albanian Night“ Ajud, Rumania, 2002 - Performance-Action-picture, Nuovo Teatro Nuovo, Napple, Italy, 2002 - “mungese+mungese” C.C. “Lindart” Tirana, 1996 - Degry “Open Buch” installation A.A.B. Tirana


2017 - “Mirror + Light + Shadow” International Land Art Residency, Komdhara, West Bengal, India, 2016      “the voodoo dancers” Art residency program, Municipality hall, Petionville, Haiti, “the school boy” Art residency program, Cultural Center, Khoni, Georgia, “Bon a` tirer” Hochdruck Gallery, Vienna, Austria, “Inter Art”-Parliament of Romania, Bucharest, “Inter Art”-National Library of Romania, Bucharest, 2015 - “Do you want something sweet” Oblanja gallery, Piran, Slovenia, 13th Festival of International. Muséumof Creative Women, AsilachMorocco, “Inter-Art”, United Nations, Genova, Art-reisidence, “Promart” Petion Ville, Haiti, 2014 -  „Ja Ram“ Art-Residence, Artcenter, Seocheon Süd Korea, Contemporary Art-3dFestival, Mureseni House Museum, Braşov, Romania, 2013 - “Affaire Coniferous” Werfenwenger-Weis Festival, Werfenwenger, Austria, Mail Art “Inter-Art”, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA, 2012 - “Terrain Insecure” curated from ART-Ist, Gallery of Cultural Center, Permet, Albania, Art-Residence, Petion Ville, Haiti, “Inter Art”- Sifting, Design Domain-Galerie, Bernardsville, USA, 2011- Artists for victims of natural and environmental disaster, Künstlerhaus, Vienna , Art Residence, Gröembing, Austria, 2010 - “Error in Garden“ Werfenwenger Weis Festival, Werfenweng, Austria, “Donau :Raum : Kunst” Kuratorin Silvia, Konrad, StadtlaborPalaisKabelwerk, Vienna, Austria, Art Residence, Cappadocia, Turkey

Awards and selected Art Residencies

2016 - Art residency program, Khoni, Georgia, 2015 - Art-reisidence, “Promart” Lucq-de Bearn, France, “Promart”Art-reisidence, Petion Ville, Haiti, 2014 - „Ja Ram“ Art-Residence, Artcenter, Seocheon Süd Korea, 2006 - DachsteinKult, Artist on Residence, Ramsau, Austria, 2006 - “Onufri” Special Prize, International Art Competition, National Gallery, Tirana, 1995 - Art Residency program of KulturKontakt-Vienna, Horn, Austria, 1995 - Spring 95, Third prize, National Gallery, Tirana


Other Projects

2016 - Curator of “ Le Fleur du Mahl”-NATA Wien, Werfenwenger Weis Festival, Werfenwenger, Austria, Ideate NATA Wien

2013 - Curator of “Affaire Coniferous” Werfenwenger Weis Festival, Werfenweng, Austria, 2012   - Curator of “Terrain Insecure” Gallery of Cultural Center Permet, Albania, 2010 - Curatorof `Error in Garden` Werfenwenger Weis Festival, Werfenweng, Austria, 2009 - ART Ist`presentationLange Nacht der Museen, Ruhdorf Atelier, Werfenweng, Austria,2009 - Co/curator`Autonomous stream` ART Ist, Hohenwerfen, Austria, 2009 - Ideate ART- Ist (actual NATA Wien), 2008 - co - Curator`Walls 1` Hohenwerfwn, Salsburg, Austria, 2007 - Curator, International exhibition “Pavarsia” National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, 2007 - Curator of “4 here me pa njigrue”National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, 2006 - Albanian Art Evening-presentation, International Art-residency Ajud, Romania, Coordinator of South-Balkan “Multimedia PAK center” Macedonia, Albanian Contemporary Art, presentation Stip, Macedonia, 2005 - Curator of “Jelena Jovanova’s” – performance 21 bus station, presented on National Gallery, Tirana, 2005 - Director Summer Art Scull, National Gallery Tirana, 2001 -2005 - Atelier of Art Education-National Gallery Tirana

Born in Milan in 1994, as a child shows great attitude towards music and art in general. Soon he began to play the piano, and in 2010 was among the founders of the Prog musical group Water Circle, with whom he played in various clubs of the Milan. Completed the program for over 1st level of piano at the Superior Institute of Music F. Vittadini and graduated as sound engineer at the Academy of Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

In the last few years he started painting with a very particular style: pasting various objects (often found in the street) on canvas or recycled boards and then decorating them by dripping bright colors. The result of these bas-reliefs with colors of strong visual impact. He works closely with the art space Macao in Milan, here he manages an atelier and performs as regular artist in video installations and more.

Born in 1973, UK, 2018 MA Fine Art. Chelsea College of Art. London, 2004 BA Hons. Fine Arts. University of Westminster, 1991 Design. Croydon College, London.


2018 Parallax, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach, Poland, 2018 Collaborative Artist Project, "Junk". St Johns School, London, 2014 Metropolis Residency, St Marks Academy, London

Solo Exhibitions
2019  Bangla Biennale, India, 2017  Art Live, Elizabeth James Gallery, London, The Ripley Arts Centre, London, 2016  Recovery Cafe, London, 2014  Careers Fair. Lambeth College, London, Artist Career Presentation, St Marks Academy, London, 2012 Cycooldelic Revolution, London

Selected Commissions/ Collections
2016  The Wishing Well Hotel, Gallinaro, Italy, 2015  Recovery Coffee House, Brixton, London, Candid Arts Trust1993  Premier Inn, London


2018 Junk. St Johns Primary, London, 2014 Lambeth College, London, Artist Presentation with Q&A, St Marks. Academy, London, 2013 Future Visionaries, St Marks Academy/ Juxtaposed Gallery


2019 Shortlisted. Curtis Bown Publishing HW Fisher Award. Droga do Polski, 2012 Nominated Runner-up. Emergent Art Award Dubai, Artslant Showcase. Sculpture. Happy Happi Joy Joi, 2011 Artslant Showcase. Painting Seven Ages of Sin, 2010 Artslant Showcase. Painting Transcendental Genesis

Born in 1980, Surkhet, Nepal, pursued BFA at Fine Art Campus, Nepal. Hails from Nepalgunj and presently residing in Kathmandu. He is also a proficient muralist; the reason of being involved in mural is that he believes that art should be able to create positive impact in the society. The various topics of his murals are awareness against domestic violence, drug abuse, anti-abortion, vulture conservation, public awareness regarding nationality, natural disaster etc.

Training & Workshop:

Kasthmandap Art Centre, Kathmandu, Renesa Fine Art Institute, Kathmandu, Print Making Workshop -2012, Arupan Art Gallery Workshop, Social Activist inEarthquake Nuwakot (Help for Nepal Campaign)

Extraordinary Activities:

Participated as an artist in U.S. Embassy Art Competition, on April 17, 2013, Street Art on Constitution VS Public awareness on Nepalgunj, Bankey, 3D Road Art Practice, Nepalgunj, Bankey, Street Art on Public Awareness ‘BhadragolDeshkaBestaNagarik’, Nepalgunj, Bankey, ‘NagarikMastaDeshAstaBesta’, Kailali and Kathmandu, ‘ Ma MastaDeshAstaBesta’,  Kathmandu, ‘BikashVsBinash’, Kathmandu, ‘Lord Buddha Was Born in Nepal’, Kathamdu and Kohalpur, 'Cross The Border', Chitwan, 'Break', Nepalgunj, Street Art on Drug Abuse 'Nasa Ma Hoina Aba', Kathmandu, 'DaittoKasko', Nepalgunj, Street Art on Domestic Violence 'Jalayaki Ma', Kathmandu, Street Art on Earthquake 'Recovery', Kathmandu, 'Teka', Kathmandu, 'Nyano', Kathmandu, Street Art on Wild Life Conservation 'Bahula Ma', Kathmandu, 'Pagal Ta', Kathmandu, Street Art on Anti-Abortion 'Sachet Ma Bhruna Hatya', Kathmandu, Street Art on Girls And Women Trafficking ‘Wall Of Hope', Kathmandu, Street Art on Social Political Issue ‘Government’, Kathmandu, Street Art on Vulture Conservation 'Sankat Ma Pakritik Kuchikar', Nawarparasi, Street Art on Anti-Corruption ‘Bhrasta! Ma ', Kathmandu, ‘Fuck! You ', Kathmandu, Street Art on Titled ‘Dead! Brushes', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Calm', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Peace...? Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Money', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Time Vs.....', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Mask', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'My World', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Water', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work), Titled 'Dead ! Government', Kathmandu (Khoj Group Work)

Exhibitions Participated:

Art Politan Festivals , Bangladesh (2019),  Bangla Biennale by Narrative Movements India (2019), 18th Asian Art Biennale 17, Bangladesh (2017),17th Asian Art Biennale 16, Bangladesh (2016), Nepal Academy of Fine Art Exhibition, Nepal (2010-2018), Park Gallery Exhibition, Nepal (2014-2015)


Awarded from Law Student Society for Activism on Violence against Women, Provincial Fine Art Award-2018

Born in L’ Alcudia (Valencia). Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of San Carlos, Polytechnic University of Valencia. Specialized in illustration at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts of Valencia. He exhibits in various prestigious galleries and museums of Spain, France, USA, Ecuador, Italy and other countries with his paintings. He also participated in several biennale.


1980-84: Applied Arts University, Interior Design Faculty, Budapest, 1971-75: Technical University, Architectural Faculty, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, 1965-69: High school of music and fine arts, Oradea, Transylvania


1984 - Hungarian Artists Association, 1993 - Hungarian Chamber of Architects, 2012 - Association for Hungarian Interior Design


Bedécs Sándor prize 1984, National Design Prize 1985


1984-88 - Szolnok County Design Company - Interior Designer, 1988-92 - Freelance Architect - Interior Designer, 1992 - Establishment of architectural and design company, Erlin Design Ltd, 2004 - Establishment of Erlin Gallery Nonprofit Ltd.

Implemented interior design projects - Selection

Private residence, Dunakeszi, 2018, Private residence, Budapest XVII, 2017, Istanbul restaurant, Budapest VIII, 2017, Training station, Budapest VI, 2016; Private residence, Kumbakonam, 2015; Private residence, Vecsés, 2015; Birs Bistro, Budapest IX, 2014, Private residence, Budapest XVII, 2013; Centre for Indian Studies Auroville (India),2011; Private residence, Remeteszőlős, 2009; Hotel Azúr, Siófok, tender 2008; Istanbul Restaurant – Budapest VI, 2007; Malom MALL; Restaurants – Kecskemét, 2005; Private residence, Budapest II, 2004; Hotel Polus Palace Golf Club – Budapest, 2002; Private residence, Budapest III, 2002; County Land Registry, Customer Service – Békéscsaba, 2001; Hotel Mediterran – Budapest, XI, 2000; Foundation of the Gambling Supervisory Authority Traning Center – Leányfalu, 1999; Hotel Sport KSI – Budapest, 1998; Hotel Blue Danube – Göd, 1997; Ministery of Agriculture, Customer Service – Budapest, V, 1996; Szürol Office Building, Budapest, XXII, 1996; Internet Studio – Budapest, XIII, 1996; AT&T Hungary Head Office – Budapest, XIII, 1995; Hotel Attila – Budapest VIII, 1995; HI-Care Trade Center - Budapest III, 1994; Erlin Club Gallery - Budapest IX, 1992; K&H Bank – Paks, 1992; OTP Bank - Budapest XVIII, 1991; HIB Trade Office – Budapest V, 1990; Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank – Budapest V, 1990; Hungarian National Bank – Szolnok, 1989; Price Waterhouse Headquarter– Budapest XII, 1989; CWAG Bank Budapest Branch - Trade Center Budapest V, 1989; OTP Bank – Szolnok, 1988; Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank – Szolnok, 1988; APEH Headquarter – Szolnok, 1988

Art Activity:

Land art – Organic Wave, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry, India, 2017, Public art – Post Contemporary Wave, Embalan, Pondicherry, India, 2017, Land art – Post Contemporary Wave, Auroville, India, 2018, Land art – Bangla Biennale, organized by Narrative Movements, Komdhara, Hooghly district, India, 2019, Exhibition – Group exhibition, Bangla Biennale, Hungarian Pavilion, Komdhara, Hooghly district, India

Born in Milan in November 1961


May 2011: Performance “Art in the Darkness”, DNArte Gallery – Milan, July 2013: Performance “Art in the Darkness”, Spazio Street Studio Gallery – Milan, October 2014: Personal exhibition “Massimo Costantini & Friends”, Spazio del Sole e della Luna Gallery – Milan, November 2014: International collective exhibition “Emotions of The World”,  Castello di Soave - Codogno (Milan), May 2015: personal exhibition “The Alphabet of Emotions“,  Micapaglia Gallery - Treviglio (Bergamo), November 2015: personal exhibition “Massimo Costantini & The Move,  Arte Passante Gallery – Milan, May 2016: collective exhibition “Basements”, The City of Milan – Milan, December 2016: personal exhibition “Massimo Costantini & The Move”, Castello Visconteo Abbiategrasso - (Milan), February 2017: personal exhibition “Milano Noir”, Seicentro Gallery and  Ex- Fornace Gallery – Milan, November 2017: Narrative Movements International Art residency “The Golden Thread” - West Bengal, India
December 2017: collective exhibition “Creations”, Albatros Gallery – Parma, April 2018: curator of collective performance “Cadavreexquis”, Hungarian art university PKE - Oradea, Romania, January/August 2018: various online auctions, Alfiere Art Gallery (all sold out) – Turin, August 2018:  International Art residency at Casa Grassi, Serole (Asti) and relative exhibitions in Milan and Rome, February 2019: Narrative Movements art biennale "Bangla Biennale” - Komdhara, India, May 2019: Personal exhibition at Galeria O+O - Valencia /Spain), May 2019: International collective exhibition “Kuunstaan de Kade 64”, Gallery Kuunstaan de Kade - Delft (Holland)

Public Art:

2007:“People” – Milan, 2008:“Choose” – Milan, 2009:“In any point...”, - Milan, 2010:“Differents and equals” – Milan, 2010:“Laugh is life” – Milan, 2011:“Space per your Ideas” – Milan, 2016:“Against women violence” – Milan, 2018: “Urban Islands” -   Milan

Art Curator

February 2018 (Narrative Movements - Italy): "Opera Muffa" (the mould opera), Museum Alda Merini – Milan, March 2018 (Narrative Movements - Italy): "Opera Muffa" (the mould opera),  Spazio Macao – Milan, April 2018 (Narrative Movements - Italy): "The World Post Contemporary Wave" – Milan, July 2018 (Narrative Movements - Italy): "The World Public Art Fiesta" - Milan
August 2018 (Narrative Movements - Italy): "International Art residency at Casa Grassi", Serole (Asti), October 2018: Installazione di Public Art: "Urban Islands", Milan, November 2018: collective exhibition "The World Post Contemporary Wave", Spazio Macao – Milan, July and August 2019:(Narrative Movements - Italy): "2nd International Art residency at Casa Grassi", Serole (Asti)

Born in 1981, He lives and works in Katowice, Poland. Sculpture lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Ph.D at the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Activities at the University of Arts in Poznań. He works with the Rodríguez Gallery.

Individual Exhibitions:

2018 - Widnokrąg - (musical performance with PatrykPiłasiewicz), Zamek Culture Center, Poznań, Pattern recognition - (doctoral dissertation) Rodríguez Gallery, Poznań, Danger of approaching the borders - Rodríguez Gallery, Poznań 
Arte Santander 2018 - Santander (Spain), Beauty treatments. "Wujek" Mine - Silesian Center for Freedom and Solidarity, Katowice Calling sculpture - (together with DorotaBuczkowska), City Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz, 2017 - Care treatments. Kopalnia "Wujek" - Interventions: Przestrzeń / Czas / Pamięć - ArsCameralis, Silesian Museum, Katowice

2016 - Commemoration - Rodríguez Gallery, Poznań, Sun of the Earth went out – Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Toruń Drawings - Galeria Starter, Warsaw, 2015 - This forecast - showoff, Month of Photography, Krakow, 2014

Stado - 3rd International Biennale Land Art Mongolia LAM 360 °, Orkhon Valley (Mongolia) Fading ability to rest - BWA Tarnów, Tarnów, 2013 - Heavy Metal - Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń Teleport Process (Modern Tourists) - Contemporary Art Gallery BWA Sokół, NowySącz, 2012 - Fatigue of the material - BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, 2011 - Romantic torment - BWA Design, Wrocław, 2010 - Discovery - Center for Contemporary Art Kronika, Bytom

Group exhibitions:

2019 - ARCO Lisboa - Lisbon (Portugal) The, shadow of freedom - City Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz , Time-space - (along with Olga Smandek) Sculptural workshops inspired by Katarzyna Kobro's Spatial Compositions, Komdhara village, Bangla Biennale, West Bengal (India), 2018 - Cool Down - UN Climate Summit - COP24, ASP Katowice 
Estampa 2018 - Madrid (Spain) The shadow of freedom - ArsCameralis Festival, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice The heart of the island - BWA Olsztyn, Olsztyn, Was, is and will be - International Sculpture Symposium, Palace in Moravia, Moravia, 2017 - Line and chaos - spatial compositions of the world - GaleriaSztukiWspółczesnej BWA, Katowice D / I / S / R / U / P / T (part 2)  - Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Rodríguez Gallery, Warsaw Mirror + Light + Shadow - I International Symposium Land Art, India, West Bengal (India) His white feathers, enlightened by the sun, shone like the sun itself - Henryk Gallery, Kraków The future imperfect time - Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, 2016 - SWAB Art Fair - Barcelona (Spain) , Secret meanings - Maison 44 Gallery, Basel (Switzerland), 2015 - Strong treading on the ground  - BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, 2014 - LAM 360 ° - 3rd International Biennale Land Art Mongolia, Union of Mongolian Artists National Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) ,2013 - Positive / Negative - XVII Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow (Russia), Survival 11  - Art Review, Wroclaw Daughter teeth - BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, 2012 - Getting to know nature is not nature  - Park im. HenrykaJordana, Kraków  Apoptosis  - BWA Studio, Wrocław


Scholarship of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodship (Handicraft), Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage ( Care Treatments, "Wujek" Mine ), Scholarship of the Silesian Voivodeship Marshal ( Manual Rest ) Polish Culture, Program in the World , Adam Mickiewicz Institute , Bangla Biennale , West Bengal, India, Program Polish Culture in the world , Adam Mickiewicz Institute , Mirror + Light + Shadow , I International Land Art Symposium, West Bengal, India Polish Culture, Program in the World , Adam Mickiewicz Institute , LAM 360 °, Herd,3rd International Biennale Land Art Mongolia , Orkhon Valley, Mongolia


1991: Montreal, QC, Canada, Canada Glass Quebec Trades Centre: intensive training in Art Neon (manipulation of crusaders, and illumination lights), 1992 -1996: Montreal, QC, Canada, Canada Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Major, Minor in Fibers Art and Electro acoustic music, 2005: Montreal, QC, Canada, Levier Engrenage Noir: Training in Community: Art and Humanist Activist art Projects in response to proposals from individuals and groups, 1989-1992: Montreal, QC, Canada Self-Educated Sculptor (Junk Art), 1991: Montreal, QC, Canada, Quebec Glass Crafts Centers: Intensive Neon Artistic Training, 1980 to 1989: Actress, theater groups: Barley Grain, Mega Pobec, Wink


2019: Cie Yakwa Danse, Decorator for the Dance Butho show "T (H) REE" by Andrea Casallas Imoberdof, Biel Bienne, Switzerland, 2019: Bangla Biennale, Narrative Movements, Komdhara, West Bengal, India:

Loving Stick Installation, Swiss Pavilion, • Land Art Cellular Cosmic Whispering • Performance with Vikram M.Mohan Cosmic Matrix• Performance with Sanjoy Chakraborty Maa, Word of the World • Intervention / Performance: Tell me the Color of your Heart • Performance / Tribute: "Feed the Heart"

• Children's Workshop, Land and Village Art: Eternal Dolls • Installation and coordination of Eternal Dolls, Children's Pavilion • Workshop for children, Sculpture and waste in collaboration with Dom.K, Mother Doll and No Pastic • Children's Workshop, Theater in collaboration with Roxie Netea, 2018: University of Calcutta, Jadavpur University, Discovering Traits of Humanity - Child Art and Traditional Game, Conference, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, 2018: Land Children Art, Interventions Land Art with children from Komdahra village, West Bengal, India, (Special Land Art Project on Children from Komdhara), Bangla Pre-Event Biennale, Narrative Movements, 2018: Land Art, Nidification, Natural Reserve of Verney, Martigny, Work commissioned by the direction of, the municipal schools of Martigny, Switzerland, 2018: Galerie Artémis, Cosmosgonie Ouverte, Sculptures and Mixed Media, Corcelles / Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2018: International Exhibition of Children's Illustrated Books, Sharjah-Dubai, Sharjah - Dubai United Arab Emirates, Member of the International Jury, 2018: Land Art, Source, Head of Calvin, Saut-du-Doubs, Frêtes-Arts, Switzerland, 2017: International Art Exhibition Organic Wave, Narrative Movements, Pondicherry, Internationale Collective exhibition, Sri Aurobindo Gallery, Pondicherry, India, 2017 Land-Art Circles and Waves, Vaithikuppam Sea Beach, Narrative Movements 2017, Pondicherry, India Land Art, 2017: Land-Art Biel-Bienne Mythos, Land Art and Performance The Other World II, Biel Bienne, Switzerland, 2017: NaThurArt, Land Art am Ufer der Thur, Land Art The Other World I, Andelfingen, Zürich, Switzerland, 2017: Symposium International de Land Art Mirror/Light/Shadows, Narrative Movements,

Land Art Aum for Home, Komdhara, West Bengal, India, 2017: CIp Gallery, Gravures Ancrage, Tramelan, Switzerland, 2016: Zellulose Art Campus, Kettenreaktion, Performance and exhibition, Attisholz, Solothurn CH, 2016: Gallery Ancienne Couronne, Circles and Co, Coordination and exhibition for the group exhibition Land Art Biel-Bienne, Biel, Switzerland, 2016: Land Art Biel-Bienne, Land Art Beauté, Bonté, Vérité, Land Art Vérité, Boujean Forest, Biel, Switzerland, 2016: Fallani Venezia Workshop, Silkscreen of Realization according to Land-Art works , Venice, Italy, 2016: Frêtes Arts, Land Art Stone Dance, La Carrière d’Or, Le Locle, NE, Switzerland, 2016: Land Art Stone and Moss, Neuchâtel Botanical Garden, Neuchâtel, NE, Switzerland, 2015: International Triennal of Grenchen, Group exhibition with cultural association of Land Art Biel-Bienne, Grenchen, Switzerland


2004 to 2018: Switzerland, Worker in Art and Land-Art for children, Development of various artistic / humanist / pedagogic projects (private and with institutions), 2018: President of Narrative Movements CH, Switzerland, 2017: Member of Narrative Movements Association, India, 2014: Member of the Association Land-Art Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, 2014: Co-President of Samvada Association, Switzerland, 2012: Member of Visarte, Switzerland, 2003: Member of the Board of Directors of the Center des Arts du Québec in Montreal, Canada, 2014: Member of Association Land-Art Biel-Bienne, 2014: Co-Chair Samvada Association, 2012: Member of VISARTE

Born in 1988 in Poland.

EDUCATION: 2013-2015Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice Faculty: Interior Design, Master of Art, 2008-2012, Katowice School of Technology Faculty: Interior Design, 2004-2007, JuliuszSłowacki Secondary School No. 1 in Chorzów

WORK: 11.2017 – present, Visual Merchandiser at IKEA Katowice, 01.2011 –06.2016, Interior designer at CUBE interior design studio in Siemianowice Śląskie

GROUP EXHIBITION: 2017 - Turn on the light - SARP Katowice / Gallery of Architecture in Katowice, 2015 - Future houses - Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, 2014 - The Senses: Museum of Immaterial Things - Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, 2014 - Digital Creation: Gesture - Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice

The sculptor was born in 1956, in Budapest. He completed his graduation at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest in Sculptor Department. Peter got several prestigious awards like Lipot Hermann Prize, International Biennale, Drawings by Sculptor, Hunagarovin Prize, Munkacsy Award. He exhibits with his sculptures from 1986 throughout the world. He worked as a professor at Academy of Fine Arts, PECS in the Sculptor Department. Peter is a member of Hungarian Artists Association and the President of Hungarian Sculptors Society.

Roxie Netea born in 1990 is from Romania. She did her education in Bacalaureat Degree Profile of Visual Arts from School of Art, Oradea specializing in Fine and Decorative Arts and did her Graphic Design Degree from faculty of Arts and Design, West University, Timisoara. She did her Masters in Graphic Design from the same Institute from Timisoara. She has participated in Creative Camps held in Mural Painting in Leece, Italy, Mural Painting Fisart in Timisoara and she was the organizer and participant at Project Street Live Painting in Timisoara. She took part in Permanent Exhibition with Installation “State of Mind” at Ambasada, Timisoara. She has Interests in knowing the Culture (places, people and habits), Art, Music, and Dance and in Photography.

Her passion is communicating ideas through illustrations. She is experimental and likes to conceptualize ideas out of her comfort zone. Each piece holds social context of local environment. She attended the High School of Arts, majoring in Graphics, and the University of Arts, majoring in Design. “Street Art Virus” enabled her to exhibit her works, which allowed her to travel to countries like India, Tunisia and Italy.

He did his BFA in History of Art and Painting and MFA in History of Art and Print Making from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Apart from going solo and doing a lot of group exhibitions he is also a Performance Artist and has been in Goethe Institute, Dhaka, Hay Festival in Shilpokala Academy, Dhaka, Yapree, in Birisiri, Santran 9th Art Camp and in Chittagong University at Dhaka Art Centre. He was also the part of the Editorial Team in the 1st Karnaphuli Folk Triennale 2015, Chittagong, Bangladesh. At present he is an assistant Professor, Dept. of History of Arts, University of Dhaka.

A self-taught painter, born 1972 in Ipoh, Malaysia. Her work travels took her around the world and she was rooted to her business in the medical industry. She buried her dream to be an artist and joined the work force at 19. However, she felt a strong desire to follow her heart and left her career and security. In the monsoon of 2012, she moved to peaceful Taiping to set up her art studio. She grew up in this historical little town and had an interest in art as she playfully painted in oils as a teenager. Now, surrounded by misty hills, serene lakes and abundant waterfalls, once again she has found a perfect place to begin as an artist. Here, at times shepaints outdoors. When shepaints, her intention is to express messages beyond words, to allow the subject to resonate with the viewer. Truly, nature is her favourite subject but everyday scenes capture her attention too. Due to her avid admiration of masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne, she’d like to add more impressionist style in her works.  Over the years, her passion for art grew deeper by studying the life and works of other artists. She knows now that she took the plunge only because she wanted to develop the true artist within her and be a source of joy through her creations.


2009 “Caves on Canvas” Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

2011 “Voices of Nature” Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur


She embarked on Heartscapes as her first project in Taiping to mark the point of no turning back of her journey as an artist. (Target is 41 works before June 2014) Depicting the wonderment that has nurtured her in the journey of her life, sheenjoys painting elements surrounding her as subjects to evoke her emotions and reveal her true feelings. She feel an immense sense of peace soaking up outdoors which ignites her to encourage others to admire the natural beauty and gentle moments of life.

Recording fleeting moments on canvas warms her heart, allowing her to remain in touch with the eternal beauty. While simply painting or walking in the parks, she takes in the sweetness and silent bliss that nature provides. Sheaspires to give form to a world of emotions and imagination while engaging the viewer with the play of light in vibrant colours. Ultimately, the beauty that she passionately feels and see can never be the same for another as seen through her eyes or felt by her heart…however, she wishes to share these valuable glimpses while secretly wishing that their hearts are fulfilled just as hers.

This is her commitment.

Residency – National Artists

Born in 1976, Kolkata

Master of Visual Art, 2004, Bachelor of Visual Art, 2002


2019 - ‘THE WALL’ Land Art at BANGLA BIENNALE, 2018 - ‘A WALK’, Land Art at Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, ‘JUNGLE GROWTH’ Land Art at Suri Residency by Narrative Movements, 2017 – ‘32 Petal’ Land Art at Komdhara, Residency by Narrative Movements


2018 - ‘HOUSE NO 9/1’ Site specific project at Naktala, Kolkata, 2017 - Public Art at Kanchrapara, Khidirpur, Bagnan by Narrative Movements


2018 - WORLAD POST CONTEMPORAY WAVE by Narrative Movements at BANGLADESH, NETHERLANDS, ROMANIA, NIGERIA, AUSTRIA, TURKEY, IRAQ, ITALY, POLAND, SWITZERLAND, GREECE, TUINISIA, HUNGARY, GERMANY, MALAYSIA, 2017 - Group Exhibition, Land Art Project by Narrative Movements at HUNGARY in July, Group Exhibition, PCW by Narrative Movements at  TURKEY in July, 2016 - Group Exhibition, PCW by Narrative Movements at TURKEY, October


2018 - Group Exhibition, by Narrative Movements At Kolkata, Shantiniketan, Assam, Karnataka, Dehradun, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Pondicherry, Tripura, 2017 - Group Exhibition, by Narrative Movements At Pondicherry, Bagnan, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Gujrat, Guskara, Kanchrapara, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Pune, Shantiniketan, Tripura, 2016 -        Group Exhibition, PCW by Narrative Movements at Dadpur, Hooghly, Shantiniketan, Gopalnagar, 2015 – Anti Virus – A participation Show at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy, Kolkata, 2014 - Anti Virus’ – A Participation Show at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Participation Show at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2013 - Group exhibition, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2012 - SOLITARY CHRONICLES – A Solo Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2011 - HOPE, P. L. Deshpande Kala Academy, Mumbai, 2010 - HUE, at Conventional Foyer in Habitat Center, Delhi, Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts, ARANYA 2010, Kolkata, Organized by RAD, Annual Exhibition of   Birla Academy, Kolkata

Born on 4th February, 1968.


B.F.A. & M.F.A. in Sculpture -1993 & 95 from Kala- Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, B.Ed. Method Papers – (Bengali, Art & Craft ) Burdwan University, 2001.


National Scholarship, Dept. of Culture, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, 1992-94


Ramkinkar Book Prize Award for B.F.A Best Result- 1993 from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Shantiniketan, India. Annual Award, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata - 1994. Certificate of Merit Award, Academy of fine Arts, Kolkata - 2002. Annual Award, Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata -1995 & 1997.

Annual Exhibition

National Exhibition of Art by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi - 1993, 95. Academy of fine Arts, Kolkata -1993, 94, 95, 96, 98, 2002, Birla Academy, Kolkata -1993, 94, Information Centre, Kolkata -1995, 97, 98, 2002, 2003, Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata - 1995, 97.

Camp & Workshops

International Stone Carving Camp by International Art Promotion centre, Rajasthan, 1992.Sculpture Workshop, Bengal Ambuja Housing, Kolkata - 1997. Open-Air Sculpture Workshop, Information Centre, Kolkata - 2006. Nepal - Shantiniketan International one day Painting Workshop, Shantiniketan, W.B. -2013. Kala- Bhavana Teachers Art Workshop - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. All India painting & sculpture Workshop Siliguri, Darjeeling W.B by ‘Uttarer Pot’, from 8th to 10th Nov. 2016. National workshop - pottery & ceramics (raku & glaze firing) 26th to 29th Feb. 2017, by Nandan Shantiniketan at Shantiniketan

International Art Residency

 International Master Class Art in Residence – Artistic Movement, India - 2016, by Scarlett Films, TIESS - at The Inner eye Studio Shantiniketan, India, from 28th June to 28th July, 2016. International Land Art Residency at Komdhara Hooghly, W.B. India by Narrative Movements from 12th to 19th Feb. 2017, Bangla Biennale 2019, Komdhara, India by Narrative Movements

Bappa Bhowmick, born in 1978, did his Bachelor of Visual Arts from Birla Academy (Swar Sangam) in the year 2003. He believes working in challenging and dynamic environment and wants to contribute to the growth of the organization and sharpen his skills. He did Gallery Shows Academy of Fine Arts, Hotel Hindustan International Art Show, Delhi Art Show, Lalit Kala Academy, Che - Mold Art Gallery Annual Show, Mumbai B Hub Art Show, ICCR Gallery Art Show, Taj Bengal, Akar Art Gallery, Kolkata Film Festival Art Show, Mukti World Art Show and many others. He has also worked as an illustrator in State Govt. and World Bank Rural Development yearly Workshop Book 2015, Udbodhan International Magazine from Belur Math Puja Saradiya Sankha, She NGO Organization Art Illustrator etc. He has worked as Educator in Workshops stated under Academy of Fine Arts Workshop (2012-2016), Tata Steel Art Workshop (2015-16), Rabindra Tirtha Art Workshop, Magma Art Workshop, Unmesh Art workshop, Uttarakhand art workshop. His private collections can be found with IPS / IAS Officers, Busines Personnel, Belur Math, Foreign Delegates (UK Canada, USA, Australia), Russian Embassy General, Bangladeshi, High Commissioner etc.  He is presently working as Art Faculty in Birla’s Group of Schools viz Ashok Hall, Mahadevi Birla Shishu Bihar.

Born In 1971 is from Nasibpur, Hooghly, WB and he pursued his education in Visual Arts from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 1994 and he studied under the guidance of Eminent Artist Mr. Prakash Karmakar and Mr. Parag Adhikari.


Group Show in Academy of Fine arts in 1993, 1997 and in 1998, 63rd Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition in December, 1998, Kolkata, Solo Exhibition in Vidyasagar Mela Festival, Singur, Hooghly in 2011, International Painting Completion and exhibition in Russia India Cultural Exchange, 2018, Bangla Biennale, Pre Event, Land Art in Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, 2018, 1st Ever Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, Hooghly, India, 2019

He was born in 1974 in Kolkata. Bhabotosh graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. His works have, been regularly exhibited at different galleries in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai. He has participated in the group show organized by the High Commission of India in Dhaka, Bangladesh where young artists from both nations displayed their works on the same platform.

He is the recipient of the Best Sculpture Award -2008 at the Annual Show of the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata. Among the other distinguished accolades, he has received the Academy Award and Sukumar Das Award at Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts for painting, Best painting award of Paschim Bongo Rajya Charukala Pradarshani, Kolkata. He was given a scholarship from the National Academy of Art, Lalit Kola Akademi, New Delhi in 2002. His works are in collection at a wide range both in India and abroad.

Born In Howrah he completed his education in art with Masters of Fine Arts from BVU, Pune. He worked as a Visiting Lecturer in Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Dibakar is working as an art director in Film Industry and experienced as a Gallery Coordinator. He participated in several Exhibitions and workshops for Painting and Sculptures in Andora, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, UK and India.

Born in Kanchrapara (West Bengal) in 1971. He has completed his Bachelor of visual arts (B.V.A.) in fine arts from Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata in the year 1992 and Master of visual arts (M.V.A.) from the same institution in the year 1994. Karmakar has got the ‘Junior Fellowship’ of Dept. of Culture for two year. He has participated in exhibitions such as Annual shows of Rabindra Bharati University, Academy of fine Arts, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, State Level Show of A.I.F.A.C.S. And 42 National exhibition of Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. He has organized six solo shows at Academy of Fine arts, Kolkata, Jehangir Art Gallery and Nehru Centre, Mumbai. He also participated as an invitee in the shows of Gallery K2, Kolkata. ’Realism’ show at The Easel Art Gallery Madras, Jodh Gallery at Chandigarh, Karmakar also participated in several group shows and workshops in India. Being a active member of Narrative Movements Dibakar has participated in several International Artist Residencies at Nahargarh Lake Palace, Rajasthan, Komdhara and Suri, W.B. Puducherry, Tamil Nadu etc. He is the founder member of the first ever “Bangla Biennale” at Komdhara, West Bengal committee and also participated the Biennale successfully in 2019. Apart from his journey as a painter he is also involved in the field of painting conservation, as he is a painting conservator of restoration Dept. of Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata. He has achieved “Indian Conservation Fellowship Program” of Andrew Melon Foundation and Govt. of India for six month advance training at Maastricht, The Netherlands. His case study on structural conservation of “Delhi Durbar 1903”, a collection of Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata has been selected for presentation at “Conserving Canvas Symposium” organized by Yale University, New Haven, USA.

Born on 19th May 1977


M.F.A Painting, M.M.K college of Visual Art Gulbarga-2003-04


2001-04 - Annual Exhibition at M.M.K College of Visual Art, Gulbarga, 2002 - Level Art Exhibition and Competition- Gulbarga, 2002 - Inner Wheel Club of - Gulbarga North, 2002 - Pullaiah Kala Nilayam - Jangaon (A.P), 2002 - Annkapalle Arts Academy - Annkapalle (A.P), 2005-07 - Lokmanya Tilak - Pune


1997, 98, 99, 2000,01,03,and 04 - Annual Exhibition at M.M.K College of Visual Art, Gulbarga, 1997-2000 - Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 2001-04 - Camlin Art Foundation-Chennai, 2001-03 - Bombay Art Society-Mumbai, 2001    - Hyderabad Art Society – Hyderabad, 2002-04 - S.C.Z.C.C –Nagpur, 2001 - A.B.V.P painting Exhibition-Bangalore, 2002 - Camlin Art Foundation- Bangalore, 2003 - National Lalit Kala Academy – NewDelhi, 2008 - Bombay Art Society – Mumbai

Solo Show:

2002 - M.M.K college of Visual Art, Gulbarga, 2004 - Shri. Siddeshwar Kala Mandir Madhin Khani - Bijapur,

2004 - Shreshta Art Resources-Bangalore, 2007 - Time & Space Gallery-Bangalore, 2008 - Palazzo Art Gallery-Chennai, 2009 - Gallery Mementos – Bangalore, 2009 - Gallery Mementos – Pondicherry, 2017 - Daira Art Gallery Hyderabad

Born in 1988 in Agarpara, West Bengal.

Education: 2009: Bachelor of Arts from S.T Paul’s Cathedral Mission College (Kolkata), 2013: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Government College of Art and Craft (Kolkata). 2015: Master Of Fine Arts in ceramics (design), from Viswa Bharati University (Shantiniketan), 2015: 4th semester from Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-arts Angers (France).

Exhibitions & Workshops: Group show in Academy of fine arts in the year 2012, Annual show in Govt. College of art

and Craft in 2009 – 2013, Group show organized by Kindel Magazine and Apeejay society in 2013, Daroz workshop in Kalabhavana Shantiniketan in 2013, Kalabhavana annual show at Kolkata ICCR 2015, Group show in France 2015, International Conference in new media hall at Kalabhavana Viswa Bharati 2015, Participated at Ambuja present (the India Story) Press conference 2015, Project and exhibition in Swabhumi at (The India Story) 2015, Group show in Lalitkala Academy new Delhi 2015, Group exhibition by Narrative Movements in Netherlands 2017, 10 days International artist residency by Narrative Movements (The Golden Thread ) at Suri 2017, Participated annual art exhibition "Organic wave" by Narrative Movements at Pondicherry Shri Aurobinda Ashram from 24 of December to 1st of January 2017 to 2018, Participated as an instructor kid's Guernica international project at Narendrapur Ramakrishna mission blind boy’s school for 4days in 2018, Participated 40 countries, 40 artist’s world contemporary wave by narrative movements in one day 15 April, Participated in Land Human Art pre event of Bangla biennale by Narrative Movements 6th to 9 October Komdhara, Hooghly with artists from Switzerland, Participated in1st Bangla Biennale , at Komdhara, West Bengal from 8th – 19th February 2019, International workshop at Egypt (Egyptian English Language School) from 13 august 2018 to 13 September 2018.

ACHIEVEMENTS: 2011 and 2012: Certificate of Merit Govt. College of Art and Craft, 2013: College Award from Govt. College of Art and Craft, 2014: National Scholarship from Ministry of Culture, 2018: The 2nd International Colony for Graphic Arts (Egypt) (2018), 2018: International art workshop organized with Isparta Rose Art festival in Turkey (2018),             Artist in residence Ceramics Workshop in Pathways School Gurgaon on 19th November to 4th December 2018.

Mallika completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts Rabindra Bharati University, 2002 and her Masters of Visual Arts from Rabindra Bharati University 2004. Since the year 2003, her works have been regularly exhibited in solo and in group exhibitions at different galleries in Kolkata and Mumbai. She has participated in workshops organized by Lalit Kala Akademi 2014, Environmental Art, Kolkata 2013, Rajya Charukala Parsad, Kolkata 2012

She is the recipient of Best Painting Award from Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata 2014, Best Painting Award Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2010, Best Painting Award from Rajya Charukala Parshad, 2014, Best Painting Award titled Reflection of Another Day, Kolkata 2005, 2006 & 2009, Certificate of Merit from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2008, Nirod Baran Memorial Award, Rabindra Bharati, Kolkata 2004, Bhutnath Mukherjee Smriti Puraskar, Rabindra Bharati, Kolkata 2014. Her works are in collection in India and abroad








Born in Alwar, Rajasthan, he did his N.E.T in Visual Art and MFA in Creative Painting from Rajasthan University with Gold Medal. Mohan participated in Numerous Group Shows and Residencies & Camps in South Korea, Bangladesh, Sweden, Egypt and India. A number of his collections can be found in Sweden, Canada, South Africa, USA and India.

Born in Pune, Maharashtra. Completed his Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts and Cinematography. He worked as an art director in the Commercial Market of Mumbai

She was born at Kolkata, India in 1975. She creates and resides in Vadodara, India. A post Graduate and Bachelors in Graphic Art – Maharaja Sayajirao University (2000), Vadodara, and Rabindra Bharati University (1998), Kolkata, India. Since 1995, she had participated in various National & International group shows & residences, with solo shows at U.S.A. and India. In 2002 she attained a scholarship for Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson, VT, U.S.A for an International Residency and Solo exhibition. Her work has been exhibited at Dignam Gallery, Toronto; Art Select, Dubai, Jehangir Art Gallery, Tangerine Art Space (Hallegua Hall), Coomarswamy Hall (Formerly Prince of Wales Museum), The Strand Art Room &Faculty of Fine Arts MSU, India etc. Her works can be seen in private collection at India, Canada, UK and Dubai. She participated in the first ever Bangla Biennale, 2019 in Komdhara, West Bengal, India by Narrative Movements. She is active as a core member of Narrative Movements (A group of international artists).

Born in 1974 in Kolkata, Malick works predominantly in the medium of sculpture and installation.

He is a self taught artist. He has had many group shows in India, such as: Participation of group exhibition at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, Lalit ala Akademi, Delhi, Chitra Kala Parisath Bangalore and Jehangir Mumbai.  Archiving Voice & Expression   Gurusaday Dutt Museum, Derives From a Metropolis, Sarsuna, Kolkata and Walk on the Line… Multi Disciplinary art project, Chander Haat, Life And Time – Changing Landscape, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

He participated in many important workshops in India like Terracota, Ceramics, Metal, Iron Forging and Dokra workshops organized by 'Environmental Art' Kolkata. 

He has been awarded best sculpture from 'Aranya'. Nirmal has many private gallery collections in India and abroad. He lives and works in Kolkata

Born in 1966 in Bishnupur, South 24 Parganas, India


Education: B.Com from Calcutta University in 1986, Passed Bachelor of Visual Art (Modeling & Sculpture) in 1991 from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata

Exhibitions: Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2006 & 2010, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2005, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, 1999, Birla Academy Kolkata, 2011, Khoj Kolkata 2011, Gangies Art Gallery 2009, Aryan Art Gallery, New Delhi & Hong Kong, 2008, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2008, Akar Prakar, Kolkata, 2007, Gallery Artsindia, New York, 2007, Verson Group Show at Birla Academy Of Art & Culture, Kolkata, organized by The Zest group, 2005, Krishna as a Human Face at Samokal Art Gallery, 2005, Swarna Rekha’ Exhibition of National & triennial Awardees, organized by Lalit Kala Akademy 2004, All India Mini Sculpture Exhibition, New Delhi, 1996, 67th Annual All India Art Exhibition, New Delhi, 1995, Regional Art Exhibition, Bangalore, Organized by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 1995, 36th National Exhibition of Art, 1993


“Nirman” by B. D. Bangur, Kolkata, 2005, National Academy’ Award 2002 by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Oriental Art Society, Kolkata, 1988, Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, 1989 & 1990


5th International Straw and Hay Sculptures symposium of Valloire, France, 2016, Ceramic workshop Bharat Bhaban Bhopal 2010, Bharat Bhavan Organized by Lalitkala Academy 2009, Sculpture Camp in Granite at Sai Grammam Trivandrum, 2008, National Carving Camp (Stone), Bhubaneswar, Organized by Lalit Kala  Academy, New Delhi,  2006, National  Sculpture’ Camp (Stone Carving)  Kalagram,  Chandigarh, 2005, Organized by North  Zone  Cultural  Centre, Patiala, Max Muller Bhawan and Lalit Kala Kendra Organized  Metal Sculpture  Workshop in Kolkata, 1998, Ceramic Mural workshop organized by  Lalit Kala  Kendra, Kolkata, 1997

Born in 1989 in Burdwan, West Bengal.


Education: Passed BFA from Burdwan University in 2014, Passed MFA from Burdwan University in 2016


Exhibition: 2016 - RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, Kolkata, 2016 – College of Art & Design, ICCR, Kolkata, 2016 – 81st Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2017 – Kochi Muziris Biennale, Kerala, 7th Pravaswita Art Gallery, Hetempur, Birbhum, 2017 – College of Arts & Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2017 – Upendranath Annual Art Exhibition, Pondicherry, 2017 – Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2018 - Pravaswita International Art Gallery for Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 2018 – Bandhon 5th International Group Art Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018 – Bangla Biennale, Pre Event, Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, 2019 – Moner Khoje International Artists Group, Kolkata, 2019 – 1st Ever Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, Hooghly, West Bengal, 2019 – Bharatiya Charukala Mandir 12th Annual Art Exhibition, Gaganendra Art Gallery, Kolkata.


Seminar: 2011 - STATE LEVEL UGC SPONSOERD WORKSHOP CUM SEMINAR, 2019 - National Seminar cum workshop on –“Research Methodology”, St. Mary’s College, Nadia

Born on 21st March 1984, Bhadrawati, Dist. - Chandrapur (Maharashtra), India


2011- M.P.C. (Master Potter Course) from Gramudyog Sangh, Bhadrawati, 2010- M.F.A. (CreativePainting)from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, 2008 - B.F.A. (Drawing & Painting) with 1st class, from Bharti Vidyapith’s, Collage of Fine Art’s, Pune.

Awards and Achievements:

2018- Certificate of Honour of 9th International Annual Art Competition Organized by Bindaas Artist Group, 2012- Suhas Bahulkar award of 25thAll India Lokmanya Tilak & Barrister V. V. Oak Art Exhibition, Pune, 2011- Honourable Award of “Pannashicha Maharashtra” organised by Maharashtra State, Rashtrawadi Congress Party,  2010 - Highly Commanded Award of Annual Exhibition of Sir J.J. School of Art, 2009- 1stAward of “Equal India-2009” National Level Painting Competition, Goa, 2009- 1stAward of On the Spot Painting Competition, Mudra Kala Niketan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 2007- 2nd Award for Collage in“Indradhanush-2007”, (Maharashtra State Level Inter University Cultural Youth Festival Aurangabad), 2007- Consolation Prize for On the Spot Landscape Competition, of 12th National Youth Festival, Pune, 2006- Merit Certificate Award in V.V. Oak All India Art Exhibition, Pune.

Art Camps and Art Residency:

2018-19 “BANGLA BIENNALE” at Komdhara, Hooghly, WB, India, 2018 - “ATULYA BHARAT” National Level Painting Camp, at SCZCC Nagpur, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, 2017- “THE GOLDEN THREAD” International Artist Residency at Suri, West Bengal, India, 2013 - “Happiness” Art Camp, Organized by Deed’s Charitable Trust Mumbai at Mulshi, Pune, 2007 - Young Artist Camp.12th National Youth Festival, Pune.

Role as a Curator:

2018 - “The World Post Contemporary Wave” An International Exhibition, Organized by Narrative Movements, at Nagpur, (M.S.) India, 2018 - “BHADRAKALA MAHOTSAV-2018” A street festival at Bhadrawati, India, 2018 - “Post Contemporary Wave” An International Exhibition, Organized by Narrative Movements and Saiprakash Academy, at Bhadrawati, Dist.: Chandrapur, (M.S.) India

Group Shows:

2018 - CONFLUENCE at Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur, 2016 - “Element 20” at Shaurya Art Gallery, Belapur, Navi Mumbai, 2016 - 18 X 18: 18 at Airawat Art Gallery, Matunga, Mumbai, 2013 - “Mainspring” at Ark Art Gallery, Pune, 2012 - “Art of Journey” at Orissa Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar, 2012 - “Melanges” at Darpan Art Gallery, Pune, 2011 - “Sathrang” at New Art Gallery, Pune


2018- 9th International Annual Art Competition Organized by Bindaas Artist Group, 2018- “Narrative Wave” International Art Fiesta on the occasion of World Youth Skill Day  Organized by Narrative Movements, at Nagpur, (M.S.) India, 2018- “The World Post Contemporary Wave” An International Exhibition, Organized byNarrative Movements, at Nagpur, (M.S.) India, 2018- Art Mart International-2018, at Khajuraho Fest, Khajuraho, India, 2018- “Post Contemporary Wave” An International Exhibition, Organized by Narrative Movements, at Bhadrawati, Dist.: Chandrapur, (M.S.) India, 2017- “Oraganic Wave” “PostContemporary Wave” An International Exhibition, Organized by, Narrative Movements, at Pondicherry, India, 2017- “Post Contemporary Wave-14” An International Exhibition, Organized by NarrativeMovements,At Sadashiv  Peth, Pune, India, 2017- “Post Contemporary Wave-13” An International Exhibition, Organized by Narrative Movements, at Goregaon (E), Mumbai, India, 2017- Art Mart International-2017, Khajuraho Fest, Khajuraho, 2017- Good Graffiti Fest-2017, Live Painting workshop organized by Karmyo, At Shaurya Art Gallery, Belapur, Navi Mumbai, 2016- Good Graffiti Fest-2016, Live painting workshop organized by Karmyo, At West10 Art Gallery, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, 2016- State Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Born in 1978 in Rajasthan. She did her BFA and MFA in Painting from Rajasthan. She then did her Ph. D in Visual Arts. She did her solo show at Jaipur, in New York, USA. She did a lot of group shows, Residencies and has been a participant in numerous art events. Her collections can be found in Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur, New Delhi, New York and in many private collections in India and abroad.

He was born in 1988 in Barrackpore, India. He did his BA, LLB in Criminal Laws from KIIT University, Orissa and his MBA in Media and Communication from WWI University, Mumbai. He is a freelance Photographer and a Digital Artist presently residing in Kolkata. He worked as a Photographer in the Commercial Market of Advertising and Media Sector. He then pursued his dreams of capturing stories about everyday lives and societies around us. He has been featured in a number of online magazines and print magazines regarding his photo stories and photography related works. He was the founder member and a participating artist in the 1st ever Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, West Bengal in 2018-19

Born in Chandannagar (West Bengal) in 1974.  She completed her graduation (B.A.) in history from Calcutta University and her degree in fine arts (B.V.A.) from Rabindra Bharati University and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Kalyani University. She has participated in RashtriyaLalit Kala Akademi’s Kala Mala at Delhi and Kolkata. She has participated in group shows at Academy of Fine Arts, Chemould Art Gallery, Angan Art Gallery Kolkata, Jodh Art Gallery Chandigarh, Arpana Art Gallery, New Delhi and jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. She has also participated in workshops like ‘Pata Chitra’ and ‘Fabric Sculpture’ organized by Rabindra Bharati University and organized an workshop on Paper Pulp Sculpture, Pata Chitra, Dokra Sculpture at BSES-Vision Tomorrow, Rathtala, Kalyani. Presently she is working as a Lecturer in Art Education at St. Mary’s B.Ed College, Ranaghat. 

She is an active member of Narrative Movements. Being a member she has participated several International Artist Residencies at Nahargarh Lake Palace, Rajasthan, Komdhara and Suri, W.B. Puducherry, Tamil Nadu etc. She has also participated at the First ever “Bangla Biennale” at Komdhara, West Bengal, organized by Narrative Movements in 2019.

Saikat Giri did his 3 year Diploma in Jewellery Design and 1 Year Special Course in CAD. He also happens to know Rhino and Matrix Software and has immense knowledge about the two software. He has been doing painting and exterior Design since the last 12 years. He also organised his own workshop in 2014 regarding Jewellery Design and was there with RP Ornaments in Gujarat for a span of 6 years. He also designs the interior and exterior of Puja Pandals during the Festive Seasons (2009- 2015).In 2005 he did the Design of the Pandal for Kolkata Rajabajar Sarbojanin , 2018 he participated as an artist in the Group Exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts, 2018 – Participated as an artist in Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, West Bengal, arranged by Narrative Movements

Born in 1969, Agra, India

Education: D.V.A in painting from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 1993 

Achievement of Honor - 2016 – Special Achievement Award from IBRAD (Indian Bio Science and Research and Development) for art 
Exhibitions - 2017 Jaipur art festival with solo show ,work shop, art talk - Jaipur , Rajasthan, 2014 The Bonding of Dream, GALLERY SPACE- Hyderabad, 2007 The Red pallet, Vikalp Art Gallery- Kolkata, 2005 Between Ourselves, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata, 2003 Between Ourselves, Gallery Vintage, Delhi, 2003 Between Ourselves, Caffain, Kolkata, 2003 Tears of Time, Domus Art Gallery, Kolkata, 1997 Centenary Celebrations of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, organized by Pradesh Cong. (Kolkata & New Delhi), 1997 Fiddlers Green-II, Ambiance. The Gallery, Kolkata, 1994 International Conference of Forest Management and Environment, organized by Ford Foundation & IBRAD at The Park, Kolkata, 1992 Out of Mirage, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 1997 Contribution the day of 15th August, 1947, organised by All India Congress Conference, (Kolkata 
& New-Delhi)

Participations: 2018 Kerala fund org by art tune at Academy of Fine Arts, 2018 Creative surround by Nirvana art at Habitat Centre New Delhi, 2018 Srijan present 12 Annual show at Birla academy – Kolkata, 2018 - ICA present Devotion with 72 Indian contemporary artists – Jaipur, 2018 Narrative Movements present international public art, 2018- Asian art house a contemporary show at Hyderabad ITC hotel, 2017-My next 13th solo show at Shipogram Jawahar Kala Kendra JAIPUR, 2017-social course of cancer foundation with contemporary art – Mumbai, 2017-group exhibition in Bangalore org by Asian Art House.- Bangalore, 2017-group exhibition ITC Kakatiya, organized by Asian Art House – Hyderabad, 2017- group exhibition at HABITAT CENTER - New Delhi, 2017-group exhibition in Domus art Gallery "A MONSOON STORY- Kolkata, 2016 joint solo exhibition in Hungary, 2016 group exhibition in Dubai- Asian art, 2015 group exhibition at Kolkata – Chamould art gallery, 2015 group exhibition J. J. Art – Mumbai, 2015 group art exhibition org by Nirvana art Habitat centre at Delhi, 2015 Index Fair- 15 at Mumbai, 2015- group show the flute DHOOMIML ART CENTER – DELHI, 2015-INTERNATIONAL GROUP EXHIBITION ( ITALY – GAVARDO ), 2015 Indian art festival 2015- Mumbai, 2014 Bangalore art fair , Bangalore, 2014 International exhibition in 18 countries artist –Italy, 2013 “Vivid Stocks” a group exhibition in Dubai organized by Art Jest

She was born in Kolkata, India.  After her graduation from Calcutta University, she completed her Diploma Course in Painting at Indian Society of Oriental Art and Chitravanu Art Institute.


2002 – Academy of Fine Arts, 2003 – Chitrabhanu Gallery, 2004 - Academy of Fine Arts, 2005 – G. C. Laha Art Gallery, 2006 – Gaganendra Pradarshansala, 2007 - Academy of Fine Arts, 2008 - Academy of Fine Arts, 2010 - Academy of Fine Arts, 2011 – Pegasus Art Gallery (Hyderabad), 2012 - Gaganendra Pradarshansala (Installation), 2014 - Gaganendra Pradarshansala, 2015 - G. C. Laha Art Gallery, 2012 / 2014 / 2015 – Charukala Utsab, 2018 – Land Art , Bangla Biennale Pre Event, Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, 2019 – Bangla Biennale, 2019, Komdhara, India by Narrative Movements


2001 – Chitrabhanu Institution Award, 2008 – Certificate of Merit from Indian Society of Oriental Art


2002 – Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, 2011 - Pegasus Art Foundation (Hyderabad), 2014 -15 – Fevicryl (Sonarpur), 2016 – Everest House (Colours)

Educational Qualifications:

Diploma in Painting, A.M.C from The Ideal Fine Art Institute, BFA Paintings MMK College of Visual Art, Gulbarga

Group Exhibitions:

2000-07: Group Show MMK College of Visual Art, 2006: Vibhuthi Art Gallery Udupi Sponsored by Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Bengaluru, 2010:  Karnataka Chitrakala Parishatha Bengaluru, 2011: Mirage Group show Jalandhar, The Art Entrance Mumbai, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishatha Bengaluru, 2012: Genesis Art Gallery Bengaluru, Prasad Art Gallery Mangalore, 2013:Kumarswami Function Hall Mumbai, 2015:  Karnataka Chitrakala Parishatha Bengaluru, 2016:  State art Gallery Hyderabad, 2017:  Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai


2002: Karnataka Rajyotsava Painting Competition Gulbarga, ABVP Painting Competition Bengaluru, 2003 –2007: Annual Art Exhibition Kala Mahothsava, 2004 to 2016: Chitra Sante Bengaluru, 2004: Camlin Art Foundation Bengaluru, 2007: Lokamanya Tilak All India Art Competition Pune

Subhadra Acharya did her BFA from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan in 2015 and her MFA from Lovely Professional University in 2018. Apart from Painting she knows how to work with ceramics (pottery, mural, functional), Printmaking (Linocut, Woodcut, Lithography, Etching), Installation, Site Specific, Land Art, Interactive and gallery based. She got the National Scholarship of Young Artists by Centre for Cultural Resources and Training under Ministry of Culture of Government of India. She did National Group Show in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), Bawle Boshonto (Shantiniketan), Saransh Group Art Exhibition, Dr Satya Paul Art Gallery, Jalandhar. She did her International Group Exhibition in Angers, France and in Art Niche, Aligarh Muslim University, UP, India. She was selected in Student Exchange Program in France, ESBA, TALM in 2014.

Born in 1979, Vikram Mohan is a contemporary dance Choreographer, Performance Artists and film maker with over 15 years’ experience in various dance forms and an Empanelled artist in Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

International Work

Choreography collaboration project “Harvest Time” in Harvest Festival Venlo Netherlands 2012   In collaboration with Kenya, Ghana, Brazil and Indian Artist under the direction of Jacques Van Meel, Mundial festival Tilburg Netherlands 2013 - Choreographed Non-Western Duet “Rise, why not us?” under the direction of Jacques Ven Meel, International choreographer week Tilburg Netherlands 2014 - Attended as a choreographer and presented his contemporary dance project “Life in Darkness”, Choreography Project “Aakkashan” 2014 Sponsored by Australian government with the collaborations Vertical Circus Australia, Kalakar Trust and ICCR as head Choreographer under the direction Catherine Daniel, Choreographer, Performer and collaborator Melaka art and performance festival, Malaysia 2016 & 2017 - Performed solo performances “Rebellion”, “Meng Emosies” and Mirror face changer as well as collaboration performances with 65 International artists from around the world,  Workshop and performance in NOW Theatre Malaysia 2017 - Contemporary dance workshop with local artists and solo performance “Meng Emosies”, Solo performance Theatre Tilburg, Tilburg, Netherlands 2017 - Session opening Solo performance “Meng Emosies”, Workshop and performance Roosendaal festival, Netherlands 2017 - Contemporary dance workshop in the festival and performed solo “Meng Emosies”, Solo and collaboration performance Bandung International Art festival Indonesia 2017 - Performed solo “Meng Emosies” And collaboration performance with German Dancer “The Red Circle”, Solo performance Bandung International Art festival Indonesia 2018 - Performed solo “Dead Man in the House”, Solo and collaboration performance Land Art EROS festival Swaziland 2018 - Solo Performed "Meng Emosies" and collaboration performances with Switzerland, German, Italian and Thailand artist “Death of things”, "Eros Wolf or yak", 4 solo performance at Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale 2018 , “Ritual”, “Total Holy Cow”, “Teach me Mechanism” and “Spirits encounter” all 4 performances deferent from each others. “Spirits encounter” in collaborations with B Ajay Sharma Installation, 4 solo performance at Bangla Biennale, Komdhara 2019 - “Ritual”, “Total Holy Cow”, “Cosmic Matrix” and “Dead man in the house” all 4 performances deferent from each others. “Cosmic Matrix” in collaborations with Swiss artist Myriam Kachour Installation, Solo performance at Spring Udaipur 2019 - Solo “Meng Emosies “performed in Spring Udaipur an international multimedia art symposia.

Residency – Student Artists

Born in 1990 in Kolkata


Diploma in Fine Arts from Swar Sangam in 2014, BVA in Fine Arts from Martin Luther Christian College in  2017, MFA in Painting from Burdwan University in 2019.


2005 – Shakkhar Kala Bhaban, 2013 – Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), 2013 – Swar Sangam (A Birla Institute for Visual & Performing Arts), 2014 - Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), 2014 – G. C. Laha Art Gallery, 2015 – Taj Bengal, 2015 - Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), 2016 - Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), 2017 – Oriental (Kolkata), 2017 - Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), 2018 – Birla Art & Culture Institute (Kolkata), 2018 – Kochi Muziris Students’ Biennale (Kochi), 2018 – 1st ever Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, West Bengal, India

She was born in Kolkata in 1991.

Education: M. Sc. in Chemistry, Advanced Certificate Course of drawing from ANUBHAB,Kolkata, Certificate Course in Fine Arts from BSES-VISION TOMORROW,Kalyani, Selected Trainee of NRLC training course of Conservation of Cultural Property.

Exhibitions & Workshops:

Participant of Bangla Biennale 2018 -19, Komdhara organised by Narrative Movements, Participant of Summer Colour Carnival (International Painting, Photography and sculpture Exhibition) organized by Bengal Art Factory, Selected participant of Monsoon Colour Carnival organized by Bengal Art Factory, Participant of Art & Craft Workshop on Paper Pulp organized by St. Mary’s College Bachelor of Education and higher Studies in Ranaghat, Participant of National Workshop on Paper Pulp Structure in BSES-VISION TOMORROW,Kalyani, Participant of Narrative Training Cum Workshop On Patochitra in BSES-VISION TOMORROW,Kalyani, Participant of International Public Art Show organized by Narrative Movements, July 2017, Participant of International Public Art in Kalyani organized by Narrative Movements, Participant of Art and Craft exhibition of St. Mary’s College Bachelor of Education and Higher Studies

(Pondicherry, India) – (Age 21), Born in Hooghly, Chinsurah, he is studying in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education at Pondicherry. He is experimenting on Public Art, Photography, Painting and Sculpture. He participated in Several Exhibitions, and Art Residencies organized by Narrative Movements (an international artist group) between 2017 and 2018.


2012-2018*: Class Exhibitions, Sri Aurobindo Exhibition House, Pondicherry

Group Exhibition & Residencies

2015: National artist Residency by Justa Hotels, Kundapura, Mangalore, 2016: ‘The Mysteries Within’ By Narrative Movements, Sri Aurobindo Exhibition House, Pondicherry, 2017: Land Art Residency, ‘LIGHT, MIRROR & SHADOW, by Narrative Movements, Komdhara (West Bengal), Pondicherry, The Golden Thread’ Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal, 2018: ‘Organic Wave’, Pondicherry, 2019: ‘Bangla Biennale’, Komdhara, Hooghly West Bengal,

Narrative Movements (International Artist Group) Projects

2016-2018* ‘Post Contemporary Wave’

Personal Works

2018: Public Art Pondicherry

Art Lecture & Presentation:

2016: Abstract Expressionism, Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Pondicherry


Narrative Movements (one art-one world)

Born in January 1994

Academic Qualification: BFA from Rabindra Bharati University in 2017, MFA from Burdwan University in 2019

Area of Interests: Linocut, Madhubani Art, Pen and Ink Art, Glass Painting, Mural Painting, Landscape, Still Life, Charcoal Drawing, Gouache, Tempera, Installation

Skill: Oil Painting, Acrylic, Mask

Workshop: ISAA Fresco, Sanchayan Ghosh (Kalabhawan Professor) performance art.

Exhibition:  Gallery gold, Gaganendra Pradarshansala, Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), Academy of Fine Arts Annual, Mumbai Artist Center, Bardhaman Town Hall, Midnapore Vidyasagar Hall

Award: Best award 2019 - Academy of Fine Arts for Mixed Media on Canvas

Born in 1990 in Burdwan, West Bengal.


Education: Presently pursuing Master of Fine art (MFA) in Sculpture 2017-19 from Viswa - Bharati University, Shantiniketan, Graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in 2017, Graduated in Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 2012


Achievements: Shantiniketan Society of Visual art and Design is pleased to honor, SSVAD, Shantiniketan, Exhibition 2018, Intra-University Cultural Festival (SECOND PRIZE FROM CLAY MODELLING) 2014-15, “DOKRA CASTING WORKSHOP” Department of Sculpture,, Kala-Bhavana, Viswa-Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, 2017, International Land Art Residency “MIRROR + LIGHT + SHADOW” by Narrative Movements at Komdhara, Hooghly, West Bengal, India, 2017, “LAND ART IN VICTORIA” Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata by Narrative Movements, Bangla Biennale Pre Event, 2018, “Bangla Biennale” Komdhara, Hooghly, India, 2019

Participants – Solo Exhibition

A photographer / photo-reporter, Ph.D. in Culturology, associate Professor, publisher and editor in chief of culturel magazine «Zham», which is published in Moscow since November 2008.



1992 - 1997 the Yerevan state University (Yerevan, Armenia), 1999 - 2001 the International University of Florida (Miami, USA), 2002 - 2006 the Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

Armenian by birth, Anna lives in Moscow and works mostly between Moscow, London, Greece and Rome. She specialises in portrait photography but also works as a theatre and cinema set photographer. She has a particular interest in performing artists and has photographed leading actors and singers throughout the world. Her photographs have been widely published in the international press and books.


1972-77 - Government College of Art, Kolkata, 1980-82 - International Animation & Photography Institute, Japan.

Solo Exhibitions

1994   Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, 1996   Kunjeon Art Gallery, S. Korea, 1996   Koga Art Museum, Baraki, Japan, 1997   Kunjeon Art Gallery, S. Korea, 1999   Gallerie La-Ruche, Tokyo, Japan, 2000   Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2001   Artist Centre, Mumbai, 2001   Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2001   Chitrakala Parisath, Bangalore, 2002   Right Lines Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2002   Chirtakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2003   Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2003   Castella Monte, Italy, 2003   Hacienda, Mumbai, 2004   Artworld, Chennai, 2004   House of Lords, London, UK, 2005   Hacienda, Mumbai, 2005   Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2006   Right Lines Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2006   Penzenau Castel, Mereno, Italy, 2007   Chirtakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2007   Gallery G Nagoya, Japan, 2007   Educatorio Della Provvidenza, Turin, Italy, 2008   Gallery Kanishka, Kolkata, 2008   Apparao Gallery, Chennai, India, 2010   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2010   Gallery café, Nagano, Japan, 2011   Serafin Art Gallery, Vienna, 2012   Loft of Wiesbauer, Vienna, 2012 Rumburk Church, Czech Republic, 2014   Galerie Time, Wien, 2014   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2016   Fortuna-Media, Vienna, 2017  Welt & co, Wien

Invited for Lectures, Seminars

Florida State University, Florida U.S.A., Otemae University of Education, Osaka, Japan, Inchon National University of Education, South Korea, Changua National University of Education, Taiwan, Poenkai pratten, Athens, Greece, Educatario della provindenza, Turino, Italy.


1993 - Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 1996 - National Art Fair by LKA, 1997 - Art Culture Symposium, Taipei Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan, 1999 - All India Graphics Show by Cymroza, CIMA Kolkata, Art Today, Delhi, 2000 - Art Japan Network Grand Show, Japan, Nepal, Italy, Paris, 2003 - Lalit Kala Academy Video Art Workshop, Kolkata, as a co-ordinator, 2005 - International Art Workshop in Bali Island, Indonesia, 2006 - Poeinkai Prattein Workshop,  Athens, Greece, 2007 - Art Workshop invited by Otemae University, Osaka, Japan, 2007 - E.C.C.M. Symposium, Athens, Greece, 2011 - Rumburk Festival, Czech Republic


1977 - Certificate of merit from Govt. Art College, Kolkata, 1980 - Scholarship from Japan, 1998 - Senior Fellowship, HRD, Govt. of India for outstanding work in Visual Art, 2001 - Awarded by Bombay Art Society.

Reiner Langer, born in 05.10.1955 in Duisburg, First solo exhibition at Galerie am Mühlenbusch 1979 
ART DORTMUND, KIM Duisburg, ABK Germany and Spain, ART Düsseldorf 1990, Galerie Hauteffeuille-Paris, Galerie Metzner-Hamburg, Galerie am Zirkel-Karlsruhe, Studio Damm-Neuss, Lake Constance-Spectacle 1985, Further Hof Neuss 1986-1989, Gallery 54 New York, Galerie Impuls Switzerland 
Ambiente Frankfurt 1999, Köllefornia with Reiner Langer, Cologne Art and Museum LibraryMuseum Ludwig / Kaspar King, Museum Moyland / Fri. Tuchard, Collection Anton CosJens Kloppmann, Berlin, Lo Graf von Blickensdorf, Berlin, Collection Lübke, CologneGerman Library, MarbachCollection Schleifer, Cologne. Collection Hahn, Cologne, Collection Kratt, Cologne, BAGL SPRINGtime 2012, (In principle) COLLAGE, WALPODENAKADEMIE, Mainz, DIVERSITY ART GALLERY, Berlin, DREAM WORLDS 
Collaboration PIPS DADA – Bonn, Illustrations for the MoewigVerlag, Edition of Phantasten, FölbachVerlag, Book publication "Akribie des Wahnsinns", 1986, Various portfolio works with Walther W. Leutheuser , Kunststrich - Dinslaken, art action Spuren - Dinslaken 2006, Participation in fluxus actions with R. Cohen and Roland Halbritter and, and ... and (about 1000 in USA, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland etc.), Poster Orange, Roland Halbritter, Bread Cat ACTION with Mamabaer Commissioner Hjuler, Austria &Euskirchen

Safa Bute, like his work, has inspired respect and admiration as he emerged from the obscurity of humble beginnings to become one of the most widely recognized and beloved artists in his homeland, Turkey.  In the summer of 1987, Bute emerged as an artist and created the art technique now known throughout Turkey as the “Safa Bute Style”. Although Bute was unable to pursue the educational path he dreamed of as a child, he created a new style of art that has been the subject of increasing interest all over the world, as collectors in Europe and the USA follow his marks.  Art critics reviewing exhibits agree that the style is unique.Now he is creating his art works at his studios located in Adana City and Tyana. 


2007, Director of the Adana City International Contemporary Art Biennale, 2006, Honorary Member of Cultural Association Terra Dell´Arte in Italy, 2005, Member of the Artistic Committee of the International Arad Biennale of Contemporary Art in Romania, 2003, 4th award winner of the International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art in Italy, 2001, 2000 WAIS People Choice Award Winner at the “Ten Top World Artists Invitational Show” organized by Artists Own Registry in Australia, 1999 Nominated to the Time Magazine online poll in the category of Most Influential Artist of the 20th Century, 1998 Featured artist at ArtQuest in USA 

 The Traveling Wave

INTER-ART International Art Camp in Aiud - Romania - 10-26 August 2006, International Summer Art Camp "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia - Romania 26 July - 08 August 2006, The Travelling Wave - Deja vu The University of Georgia - 15 Apr - 30 June 2006, Art Gallery Ripustus, Hameelinna Finland 27 Oct 30 Dec 2005, The 1902 OCAF Art Center Art Gallery – Georgia USA – 02 Oct 12 Nov 2005, Salonul De Toamna – Gallerııle INTER-ART Aıud – Romania 16-19 Oct 2005, Urla Quarantine Island International Fine Arts Symposium – 23 Sep 02 Oct 2005, Safa Bute’s Live Performance Art Event – Adana – 08 May 2005, Porto Recenaty Contemporary Arts Gallery – Italy – 11-26 Sep 2004, Safa Bute’s Live Performance Art Event – Adana – 02 May 2004, Safa Bute’s Live Performance Art Event – Adana – 04 Feb 07 Mar 2004, Florence Biennale – Italy – 06-15 Dec 2003, Yapı Kredi Kemalsatır Art Gallery – Adana – 08-30 Apr 1999, Akbank Beylerbeyi Art Gallery – Istanbul –15thApr- 04May1998,Akbank Kızılay Art Gallery – Ankara – 17 Feb 06 Mar 1997, Akbank Bursa Art Gallery – Bursa – Apr May 1996, Icel Art Clup Art Gallery – Mersin – 21 Sep 07 Oct 1995, Akbank Adana Art  Gallery – Adana – 10-27 Jan 1995, Akbank Cankaya Art Gallery – Ankara – 15-30 Dec 1993, Akbank Koprubası Art Gallery – Eskisehir – 26 Oct 12 Nov 1993, ACS Art Gallery – Adana – 24 Sep 02 Oct 1993, Akbank Trabzon Art Gallery – Trabzon – 30 Apr 18 May 1993, Akbank Isparta Art Gallery – Isparta – 17 Feb 05 Mar 1993, Yapı Kredi Setbasi Art Gallery – Bursa – 18 Oct 13 Nov 1992, Akbank Ordu Art Gallery – Ordu –17 Apr 08 May 1992, Adana Municipality Art Gallery – Adana – 08-12 Apr 1992, Akbank Denizli Art Gallery – Denizli – 21 Jan 07 Feb 1992, Yapı Kredi Mustafabey Art Gallery – İzmir – 18 Sept – 08 Oct 1991, Yapı Kredi Ofis Art Gallery – Diyarbakır – Apr 199, Sivas State Fine Art Gallery – Sivas - Jan Feb 1991, Yapı Kredi Balıkesir Art Gallery – Balıkesir - Dec 1990, Akbank Adana Art Gallery – Adana - 08-25May 1990,

Participants – Joint Exhibition

Born in Valencia, 1948, where she currently resides. 

Degree in Fine Arts in the specialty of engraving, by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia from1975 to 1977, School of Arts and Crafts of Valencia in 1975-76-77, Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 1978, Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, Pedagogical Aptitude Course of the Institute of Education Sciences, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 1981. 

2003 - CIM of Valencia, Hall Exposicióes of the City council of Valencia, Ateneo Mercantil, Valencia, 2004 -
Club Diario Levante, Valencia, Mayor College Luis Vives, Valencia, Art and AntiquesGaleriaMaika Sanchez Valencia, Ginza Towa Gallery Tokyo Japan, Gallery Maes Madrid, 2006 - Gallery EME O4 Madrid, Gallery Maes Madrid, Embassy of Spain in Tokyo-Japan, Jadite Galleries New York E.EU.U.,Ginza Towa Gallery Tokyo. Japan, "Genies of Art" Manuela Talaverano Seville, Palais National Theater of Paris in Short Film Festival "Les Lutins" Paris, 2007 - Owo Gallery Portugal, Vigo Financial Club, Cheng Shiu Art Center University Taiwan, Jadite galleries New York EE: UU, Galerie les Arches Paris, O + O Gallery Valencia –Spain, Totem Art Tsai Mo Taiwan, Ginza Towa Gallery Tokyo-Japan, Rome, Gallery Rome- Italy Gallery Lachman Panama, Gallery Myoung Seoul- Korea, 2008 - international ecology exhibition tsaimo, Taiwan 2008, International Ecology Exhibittion, Keelung-Taiwan in collaboration and exchange with international group TSAI MO, Panama Gallery in Paris, Gallery New Century Chelsea N. York USA , 2008 - Spanish-Italian show MUSEO FANTERIA DE ROMA, Kunst und Wein, SpanischeQuelle GmbH, BERLIN 
"First Zang Painting" - Jia Art Gallery, TAIPEI- TAIWAN –CHINA, Gallery MYOUNG - SEUL-KOREA 
Jadite Galleries N. York 2008, Grafitti Art - Tsai Mo Taiwan, Gallery Metamorphosis - Regio Emilia, Italy. 
Minerva Gallery -Perugia Italy, Art and music festival - Tiordano Italy, Calma Gallery Perugia ItalyWork in:

Contemporary museum ANTONIO GUALDA, Spalacio of the GÚRZUA, Contemporary museum SAN GONZALO DE RIO BRASIL, Contemporary museum SANTA BÁRBARA BRAZIL, ArtCenter Cheng Shiu University - Keilung Taiwan, Embassy of Spain Tokyo-Japan, Art Foundation Rainforest New York 
José Iturbi Municipal Conservatory, Valencia, Palau de la Música de Valencia, Latin Art Museum, Miami, USA. 
III Painting Prize GaleríasPreciados, Prize for best script, Literary University of Valencia, Prize in the III Biennial of Valencia and Accésit. October 2007 Valencia Spain, 2008 Award "Heroes Anónimos" Association of Benimaclet, Valencia, Award for Best Short Film Screenplay, for its plastic interest and its excellent documentation. Literary University of Valencia.

Born on August 15th 1955 in Mie - Prefecture located in Honshu a region in central Japan.

In September of 2000 Kenryo joined the Kikkou-kai, The Kikkou-kai studies the art of Kodaimoji under Koho Kato master who is one of the most respected and revered calligraphy artist of this form of Kodaimoji, Kodaimoji- (Kodai: meaning “ancient” and Moji: meaning “character”) is the most ancient form of calligraphy known in China, Kikkou-kai has adapted this ancient tradition of Kodaimoji into a new form of art and performance. Every January The Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno host the Kikkouten exhibit. From 2001 Kenryo has continuously shown his work with this annual exhibit.

2001 32nd KikkoutenExhibit :Kenryo’s piece entitled “WADO” was shown and awarded the “Kikkou-kai’s new comer award”, 2002 33rd Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s piece entitled “Kofu ni Manabu” was shown and awarded the “Art newspaper award” PV ( Kikkou-kai . “The practice and ideal of art” Designed and fabricated), 2003 34th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s piece entitled “Shaba Ataru” was shown and awarded the “Special Kikkou-Kai award”, 2004 35th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “Mannenmukyo” at The Ueno Royal Mseum and awarded the “ Director of The Ueno Royal Mseum award”, 2005 36th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “Kikkouwakashyu”, 2006 37th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “GeiinUkou”, 2007 38th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “Shyojyorutenn”, 2008 39th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “JinunRaiko”, *February: Kenryo held his first own exhibit and performance at the Maruhei gallery in Mishima city of the Shizuoka prefecture, Kenryo’s piece “Spilit and spine” was featured on the cover as the title of the book “Ki to Hone”, *October: Kenryo’s work “Hoh-to vol.2” was shown at The Art Cafe Friends in Ebisu ,Tokyo, 2009, 40th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “Tei Mikado”, *May: Kenryo joined “The Venice art walk”in California, 2010 41st Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled “Ouuranaiteiwaku , Tatariari” *May: Re-joined the “The Venice art walk”in California, 2011 42nd Kikkouten:Kenryo’s showed his piece entitled“Kodaimoji / Zushyoo Mosaic”, *May: Kenryo's work "MIYAZAWA KENJI and the resonating spirit of three artist" was shown at Karuizawa Reading Centerin Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, *November: Kenryo's work "Hoh-to vol.3" was shown at The Art Cafe friends in Ebisu, Tokyo, 2012 43rd Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo's showed his piece entitled "Journey / Toutetsu-Mon", *February: Kenryo's work "Hoh-to vol.4 ~Creation" was shown at restaurant CAY in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, *August: Kenryo's work "The feast in the mid-summer night" at Karuizawa reading Centerin Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, *November: Kenryo joined the group exhibition "The Breathing of Calligraphy" atTerratoria in Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2013 44th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo's showed his piece entitled "Learn to Tiger shaped sacred bronze ware", *August: Kenryo's work "The feast in the mid summer night vol.2 " at Karuizawa Reading Centerin karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, 2014 45th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo's showed his piece entitled "KodaiMoji / Zushyoo Mosaic", *April: Kenryo's work "Under the blossoming cherry trees" at The Art Cafe Friends in Ebisu, Tokyo, *July: Kenryo held solo Exhibition at GaleriaOriente&Occidente ( ) in Valencia, Spain, 2015: 46th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo's showed his piece entitled "Put the neutral feelings on my mind", *March: Kenryo held the exhibition “Energy in motion engraved in the power of the word ~Enriqueta Hueso&Kenryo Hara" at Salomon Arts Gallery in New York, *June: Kenryo joined "PALAGIOCONTEMPORANEO in STUDIO URBANA" in Roma, Italy, *July: Kenryo established a creative group "BOK-KOKU", *August: Kenryo joined "Abstract Art in Modern Russia" in Moscow, Russia, *August: Kenryo joined "NEUTRAI-ISM international art expo' 2015" in Pescara, Italy, *September: Kenryo joined "ORANGE 2015" in Montreal,Canada, *Octber: Kenryo's work " The Ritual of Calligraphy and Butoh" with Daisuke Yoshimoto: Butoh artist in Tokyo, 2016: 47th Kikkouten Exhibit: Kenryo's showed his piece entitled "Rashomon"

Born in Valencia 1967


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, 1992, Erasmus at the Universiteit Academie Van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam, Holland, 1992, Specialist in Graphic Design and editorial production, InstitutCatalá de Noves Professions, 1994, CAP, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 1994.


"Una Eva Quintuple and the Big Apple" Salomon Arts Gallery, New York, March 2013, "In Itinere" GaleriaBernet, Barcelona, ​​March 2013, "Cap y Cua" Gallery O + O, Valencia, February 2012, Gallery Art NouMil.lenni, Barcelona April 2012, "La Nauespaicontingut", multidisciplinary artistic days BRIC art / Project, Barcelo May 2012, Traveling exhibition: 144 accomplices = [12x12], 2012, Collective exhibition "Orce arte y poesía", Orce, Granada, August 2012

Bancaja Award Exhibition. IVAM, Valencia 2011, I shows Artshow Collective. Bilbao, 2011, "Silenci, sample of intervened books and artist."Laboratoricreatiud'Amics de les Arts, Terrasa, 2011, "99 artists and a half", GaleriaMaxó.December-January 2011, "Show European artists" Jaca, Huesca

Other projects:

Participates in "Creative Insomnia Yellow Night", within the framework of the "Miradas de Mujeres" festival, Madrid, 2012, Participate in the project "PinceladasColectivas" Cultural Association of Art ACUDA ", Valencia, 2012, Participate in the project "Andante" Collection of the architect Ramón Álvarez, Training of the artistic collective "Bric Art / Project, Barcelona 2011, Participate in the project "Postalesdesde el Limbo", Estudioversus, Saragossa, 2011


Selected in the XXXVII Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art, 2011, 2nd Prize in the mode of drawing, X Mostrad'Art Jove, Institut Catalá de serveis a la Joventut, 1991, Selected in the IX Mostrad'Art Jove,InstitutCatalá de serveis a la Joventut, 1990, 2nd Prize in the modality of painting "Valle Inclan Awards" National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music, Ministry of Culture, 1986, Selected in the II Youth Contest of Plastic Arts, Diputación General de Aragón, 1985

A Swiss by birth, Yves, got Teaching Certificate from Frequent Arts and Crafts Kunstgewerbe School, Bern in the Ceramic Section. He did many  internships with Swiss Artists Weekly work in studio of a Neuchatel Painter GimelCh Artistic Practice Workshop. He did his work and research on various techniques Creation of the children’s artistic expression workshop Papier - Couleur Neuchatel. He participated in an expo - Pavilion Hofer and Hofer Exhibition Montet Cudrefin. He also participated in the laboratory Land Art Biennale, Hanging Gallery Story Karakorum Neuchatel, participated in the Arts Festival le Lochle, Laboratory Land Art Biel Bienne Grange, Bangla Biennale, Komdhara, West Bengal and many more.

Aber Adel (Egypt), Agnes Peter (Hungary), Apolka Eros (Hungary), Arijit Chowdhury (India), Asutosh Bhattacharjee (India), Bappa Halder (India), Bhabatosh Sutar (India), Bijan Ghonchehpour (Iran), Bikkel (Netherlands), Carmen Heemels (The Netherland), Catalina Mos (Romania), Chand Kr. Doliya (India), Debanjan Roy (India), Debasish Dhara (India), Derya Avci (Turkey), Dr. Marias (Hungary), Evelyn Ocon (Germany), Fatma Ramadan (Egypt), Gopal Jayraman (India), Hemant Rao (India), Irene Kanyadi (Hungary), Istvan Orosz (Hungary), Jose Ocon (Germany), Juman Al Nimri (Jordan), Kajal Panchal (India), Kenryo Hara (Japan), Koushik Koley (India), Laszlo Gyula Perger (Hungary), Luis Gonzalez Boix (Spain), Mahesh Mankar (India), Mallika Das Sutar (India ), Meenal Bhawsar (India), Miguel Angel Velit (Peru), Milija Belic (France), Nagraj Naik (India), Natasa Govedarou (Greece), Nestor Molina Lopez (Spain), Nirban Ash (India), Noha Hassan Chamseddine (Lebanon), Noura Bel Hadj (Tunisia/France), Ozlem Kalkan Erenus (Turkey), Pankaj Atkelwar (India), Pilar Palomares (Spain), Prasanta Seal (India ), Prasenjit Pal (India), Priya Pariyani (India), Rachana Damani (USA), Rajashree Sutar (India), Safora Fadaei (Iran), Sangamesh S Chillshetty (India), Santanu Chakraborty (India), Sekhar Kar (India), Sekhar Roy (India), Shoma Das (India), Sisir Sahana (India), Subhas Ghora (India), Subrata Das (India), Sukanta Das (India), Tanmoy Banerjee (India), Tanya Preminger (Israel), Tanya Wolski (USA), Tapas Das (India ), Taraknath Das (India), Visithra Manikam (Malaysia), Yasmein Hassan Ahmed Morsy (Egypt), Zoi Gerouki (Greece)