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About Us

Calcutta – West Bengal has always played a pioneering and very significant role in the history of indigenous art & cultural movements and undoubtedly widely recognized as the capital of Art & Cultural movement of India, where some of the most wondrous works of physical art & cultural activities took place since avant-garde movement in the subcontinent. We have reputable institutions of art established in the city and to paraphrase a great man, probably more artists per square foot than football players. In spite of all pedigree, the first Biennale of the state – Bangla Biennale was instituted in 2018 and is so far probably the first rural biennale in the world history. This initiative took place by Narrative Movements – an International artists’ group in association with Komdhara Baroari Samity – a collective organization with the villagers through a massive, international, interdisciplinary, contemporary art exhibition rather a cultural fest in Komdhara, Hooghly, West Bengal.



At any point in history, and particularly in the present globalized era, economic growth and cultural awareness and competence are closely interlinked. Major metro cities compete with each other globally for hosting international events in the fields of sports and culture. At this juncture, our Endeavour is to emphasize the following points:

  • Encouraging upcoming generation to fine arts
  • Children development – through yoga; health education; art; cleanliness
  • Empowerment of women development - Engagement and development women power with handicrafts training
  • Sustain rural small scale industries and folk artisan, like – Chikankari; Ghuni; Kam Bed; Fishery
  • Baul; Kirtaniya; Tarja Gayak; Kobiyal; Fishing net; Dyeing of net; Biri; Sital Pati; Sweet; Dairy; Dholok; Moslin; Boutique; Hand Embroidery; Jute Rope etc.
  • Attract tourists and drive the economy.
  • Enhancement of dynamic cultural exchanges between peoples and nations enacted at a regional centre.
  • Encourage negotiation between local, national and international art world.
  • Become the major means through which local art worlds regionalize and internationalize themselves while other methods will include travel, media, overseas residencies, trade exhibitions, and cultural exchanges.
  • Create awareness against visual contamination.
  • Potential to establish art institutions by national or international organizations.
  • Provide a common platform for local artists and those from elsewhere to empower their creativity through cultural exchange.
  • Protect and maintain the rural environment.
  • Scope for school, college and university students to familiarise themselves with international art and culture and the creative process.
  • Provide a holistic educational platform for health and environmental awareness.
  • Audio Visual and Overall Documentation