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Comments of Artists – National Level School Art Competition, 2019

The National Level Indian School Art Competition "ONE ART ONE WORLD - Earth is what we all have in common" by Narrative Movements for arts and culture students through is an excellent thing. Raising young people's awareness of art and culture, from pre-school age, is essential to strengthening a sense of belonging to society. It is also essential for the preparation of the future and the development of each individual. This partnership is based on the idea that the school is a place of culture and, conversely, culture is a source of knowledge and learning. Young and old can benefit from it in ways that will enrich their lives: development of creativity, teamwork skills, critical and aesthetic sense, and self-esteem. And later, that's what I hope, these students will become open, attentive and informed adults, more inclined to contribute to the cultural vitality of society. Open-minded adults, with a certain collective awareness of the importance of the environment and a clear ecological sensitivity to the dangers that threaten it. This will lead them to take ownership of their environment and act as responsible citizens.

So don't hesitate to participate. Take up the themes: Your Dream Garden, Nature is Beautiful, Mother Nature & Our Commitment, Earth in 2050. Imagine that! Scream: No plastic! More Garden! Clean water!...... Change the world!

Dom Ka (Artist) – Paris, France

Art, is more than imaginative pictures on walls and sculpture to adorn our homes or the city. The world is changing faster than at any time in history; and as it changes the meaning of language - including art practice has to continuously find new and engaging ways to communicate our concerns that affect us. As individuals, communities come together both local and globally.

Art enables us to converse across linguistic and geological boundaries; and takes many forms of processing and delivering information, with artists working in education, therapy, engaged with original works or restoration of important artifacts; as well as the behemoth of diverse industries it directly connects to, from architecture to culture and design to writing for film, novels or research.

As fast as communication technology and the word moves - we are very much beings of the senses, still in connection with our immediate physical surroundings. Art has been with us since the beginning of our consciousness, early cave drawings depicting beasts, mystery and perhaps the weekly shopping list. It continues to be one of our most important tools given through generations of evolution and learning.

New generations bring new technologies, ideas and concerns, we seek to bring in new talented artists that can represent as future ambassadors of the arts; understanding the nuances of our changing environment, people and what it means to live in this new world.

Ian Barrington (Artist) – London, England


Hello Indian friends! With us in Switzerland, the presence of art exists a little in school, but not enough in my opinion. I am very happy that the international movement "Narrative Movements" is interested and proposes to convey how much the importance of art to all social and good environments. You children are going to be future adults and take up the challenges of your Country, art must be a force to face and to organize a more humane and richer world of love and knowledge. Creativity is a fantastic source of reunification and realization of the human. Thank you to the adults who take care of this mission. There is room for everyone in this great experience. Receive the best thoughts from a modest, but convinced, Swiss artist.

Yves Chedel (Artist) - Switzerland